Sunday, July 16, 2006

A secret day off

A day off from church today - or almost. I decided during the week that, instead of the usual round of Sacristan duties and church, I'd sneak off and try out the Cathedral Eucharist instead. Lord H kindly agreed to do my stuff for me. Actually, it felt really good to face a Sunday when I didn't have to be responsible for anything. But I felt rather let down by the service - it was pleasant enough, but I didn't feel at all connected with what was going on, although the singing was nice. Didn't go up to Communion or anything demanding like that - but slipped out before the general melee started. It might have been better if I hadn't bothered at all - maybe my problem is my current church, but Church in general; it simply doesn't seem to fit any more. Hmm.

Still, some good news on the writing front. Irene's review of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" is now on Amazon ( - many thanks, Irene! And "Maloney's Law" is number 6 in the You Write On ( top ten. If only it can rise a little higher ...! Oh, and Lord H tells me that Dave the organist at church loved "PC&AJ" and is considering putting a review into the Parish mag - goodness me, indeed! Glad you liked it, Dave, but will the parish be able to cope?...

The rest of the day has been fairly lazy - though I have done some more marketing stuff, and written a poem for one of the Writer's News ( competitions - which I have now uploaded onto the Writewords site ( for comment. So maybe not entirely lazy then.

This week's haiku is:

Let us walk, I said,
down by the bright evening sea
where the salt birds sing.

And the 3 nice things are:

1. Irene's review
2. "Maloney's Law" being in the Top Ten
3. Dave the organist enjoying "PC&AJ".

Anne Brooke

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