Monday, July 24, 2006

Marrows and interviews

Felt shattered at work for most of the day - too late a night last night, I think. Must really aim to get to bed at a reasonable time (especially on a "school night" ...) and not get sidetracked or obsessive about finishing stuff - hmm, easier said than done, eh?

The last of the academic year's Steering Group meetings today - could barely manage to concentrate, which is a bit of a downer when I'm the minute-taker - plus there were a couple of items I had to present (bloody hell, how I hate that!). But I managed to stagger through them acceptably enough. I might even have made sense at one point - which just goes to show that miracles can still occur. Managed to get most of the stuff typed up into first draft during the afternoon as well - so thank God for coffee. (Yes, I've slipped and allowed caffeine into the system after my ongoing health kick - just one though, and it worked ...) But it's back on the normality tea this evening.

And Ruth has kindly given me an enormous marrow from her marrow empire (aka garden), which should keep Lord H and me going for a week. At least. Thanks, Ruth!

Back home, was thrilled to discover that Writewords ( now have the interview with me up on their top-level page. That's a nice boost on this very hot and humid day. I sound rather weird and obsessive though - and I was trying so hard to be otherwise! It is what it is, in the end, I guess! Also, astonishingly (as I can never ever get them to "bite"!), the Surrey Advertiser want to take a photo and publish an article of us three Goldenford ( authors. Well done, Jackie, on catching their interest! I'd better get that comb dusted down then ...

Tonight, I shall be typing up more of Lord H's theology assignments - it's only fair as I'm quicker on the keyboard than he is, and he needs to have them ready for submission quite soon, for the next stage of the planned diploma/degree course. He's decided to change from the external programme of London University (which hasn't been helpful - no tuition, no contact time - ye gods, how do they expect people to manage??) to the more local Diocese course. A sensible move, I think. Hope he gets in okay.

Have just finished reading Alan Jamieson's "A Churchless Faith". Incredibly helpful, and easy to read - not two descriptions often used together in relation to a religious book, I fear! It's made a little more sense of where I am now in terms of church involvement/growing lack of involvement. Nice to know that even if I withdraw from the weekly round of church stuff, it doesn't mean I am cast into outer darkness. Hmm. Or maybe I'm there already - it's all becoming clear now! We'll see ...

Today's three nice things:

1. Ruth's marrow
2. My boss (David) realising that I had absolutely zilch ability to be sociable this morning and withdrawing from the social fray (thanks, David!)
3. The Writewords interview.

Anne Brooke

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