Sunday, May 07, 2006

Trip to The Vyne, Basingstoke

Average church day today, with no obvious disasters and no sudden baptisms - thank the Lord. Had the first of our visiting priests post Geoffrey's departure - this time it was the turn of Robin Roe, who has a wonderful Irish accent and can spin a good yarn with the best of them. And he has the humility to fit in with us, which is great - some visiting vicars come bearing gifts of their own egos/ideas, which doesn't go down well. Robin can come again.

At last stirred myself enough to wash the car - an action well overdue by now. Then Lord H and I went to The Vyne (National Trust property in Basingstoke) for lunch, a viewing of the house and the usual trip round the shop (including the customary purchase of two chocolate mice - which don't last long). Had an absolutely wonderful rhubarb and apple crumble and custard at lunch, by the way, during which I'm sure I achieved Nirvana. Twice. Also bought more appropriate stuff at the shop for our departing work colleague.

Am planning a slob-out evening in front of the TV, once I've done my usual mother call. And another weekend drifts by ...

This week's haiku is:

Fleeing the dark North,
I leave my history behind.
I'm myself again.

And, boy, does it feel like that!

Anne Brooke

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