Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Counselling day

Managed to get the first draft of the Mental Health minutes done and with the boss by home time. Lovely. That's a relief. Also minuted a Putting Students First meeting I was secretly reluctant to get involved in (oh no, please, not another meeting - have mercy ...!), but in the end it wasn't so bad. Though, why oh why does everyone insist on using flipcharts? I'm sure they're evil. We'd all communicate better without them. Or not communicate at all, which would be my preferred alternative, I have to say.

Counselling today was quite inspiring - I still feel it's all a muddle, but at least I might be making some sort of movement somewhere. Though I suspect it will be a long and slow process full of frustrations - but ultimately rewarding, I hope. We struggle on ...

Bad and good news this evening. The bad news is that the father of a close friend of mine has just died - a terrible thing. Hard to know what to say - have tried to ring and will try again later, but of course she may not want to talk. In the meantime, have emailed, although I know it's not adequate. What is?

The good news (of a sort) is that Antony Rowe ( have printed and bound 100 copies of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" by mistake without getting our go-ahead first. There a slight pages error at the back, according to Jackie, but the relief of being sure we have them for the launch drowns out all other sorrows. And they're offering us a 10% discount for the error, which can't be bad. So I shall go round to Jennifer's ( tomorrow to look at the proof, but the worry about schedules is wiped away. Phew.

My next two chapters of "Thorn in the Flesh" have come back from my editor ( who seems pleased with them, so I've made the corrections and will wait for the next set of enclosures. The game continues.

Anne Brooke

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