Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ascension Day

Edited my summer ghost story as suggested by Guildford Writers ( and it certainly seems to have improved it. Then wrote the beginning of a piece (short story? novel? - hard to say) including the phrases, "country music", "smart thinking" and "illustration" for our UniSWriters group. It came out as hard-nosed chick lit, so goodness knows whether I'll continue it at all, but hell it was fun to write.

Lunch with Jean T in Milford - an hour or so of off-the-wall conversation which flowed over me like a river, and which always makes me feel as if somehow I'm not as strange as I'd feared - quite reassuring really. Then a quick pop to see Gladys & home. Where I did another 1000 words of "The Gifting" and really enjoyed getting deeper into the story. Simon and his thoughts and feelings are beginning to take me over more as it goes on - which is fairly usual for this stage in the novel. I'll now have him in my head for at least two years - even after I've finished writing them, they linger on. Like a good wine. Or piles. Difficult to say which, sometimes.

Tonight, Lord H and I went to the Ascension Service - not many there, but we lit enough candles for the 5000 to appear, should they have wished to. One of the local priests, John Bundock, took the service - he may be our priest for real in the long run, but that's a few years down the line yet, as they're still hoping to appoint a temporary guy/gal for three years until a real decision on our future has to be made. John's quiet but sweet. And I think he quite liked us by the end of it all.

Anne Brooke

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