Friday, May 12, 2006

More terrible service from ANC Camberley ...

.... well, did they deliver my goods? Did they hell. Surprise, surprise. Honestly, they're rubbish. Apparently, they've simply returned them to sender, even though they told me they'd be delivering so I've waited in for most of the day. Even their Head Office in Stoke-on-Trent think they're appalling and can't understand it. I am angry beyond belief. And I can't understand why it's me who has to keep phoning and chasing. Surely Cards Made Easy (am I bothering with their web address either? - no way) should make a fuss too. Has anyone heard of customer service at all? Load of thick bastards, say I. And now I'm promised (promised? huh - I'll believe it when I see it) delivery on Monday or Tuesday, but ANC are too stupid to know which day it might be. God, they're idiots.

But at least I've managed to do another 10000 words of "The Gifting" so something in the day has gone right. And I've uploaded another section of that particular novel to the Writewords ( site for comments. And Lord H is back now, thank God.

Tonight we're going to friends in Woking for dinner. I could certainly do with the break. Hope it's not too late though, as I need an early night. Desperately. It's too damn hot.

Anne Brooke

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