Friday, May 26, 2006

Haircut & golf ...

... not a great combination, especially in the wind. Ah well. At least I looked relatively elegant (almost) for half a morning. Golf was fine, but didn't enjoy it as much as usual for some reason, even though I did okay. Marian was great though - and parred the ninth with a fantastic putt. My putt wasn't so bad either, but sadly not as exciting. Ah well - again!

Did more work on "The Gifting", but I'm not as happy with the scene I wrote up today, as I was with yesterday's. Too much talking & angst, I think, and maybe not enough action - it's irritating me, but I'll have to wait till another day to redo. Or maybe just leave it - and try another scene. Sometimes these things work themselves out. The JBWB editor ( has sent back another chapter of "Thorn in the Flesh", so made the suggested changes to that. Then had a lovely nap for two hours in the afternoon - bliss.

The book recommended to me by my counsellor (goodness, how modern I'm beginning to sound ...) has arrived, so I'll get stuck into that at some stage soon. Tonight though, it's TV comedy night. Will have to do some cleaning somewhere in the midst of it, I fear - groan. There's no silver lining without that cloud. When, oh when, will somebody create a press-button solution for all the domestic chores?

Anne Brooke


Hippy Writer said...

I have been doing a few re-writes of some of my work too. I think that I am getting much better at editing thanks to coming to UniS Writers, before I was v loathe to cut anything but now that I know that people are actually interested (other than myself and poor Phil who I force to be interested) it makes me proud to be a writer (well almost...)

Anne Brooke said...

Go for it, Julia! Editing is fun, and practice makes for a more rounded writer - or so they say!

Huge hugs