Monday, May 08, 2006

Mental Health Task Group

Managed to get last week's minutes done, checked and out today - I'm cooking on gas, obviously! Then had the Mental Health Task Group over lunchtime, and struggled with those minutes afterwards. It's the Group's last meeting ever, but fear not - we all just reinvent ourselves under another name - the Student Mental Wellbeing Group - and carry on meeting. Oh the joys of university life ...

A mammoth Tesco shop this evening - thank goodness that's over. I hate having to not go home at once after work is over. Home is my inner sanctuary - I love being here. Sometimes it's like an ache to go home if I'm away. I'd probably be happy never to travel anywhere again, but I have to admit some of our holidays are in fascinating palaces.

Joy! The proof copy of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" has apparently arrived at Goldenford (, and Jennifer is happy with it. Have asked if she wants me to check it, but am happy to go with the majority approval, bearing time constraints in mind - the launch is on 22 June. So that's some good news. On the other hand, my "Champers" flyers appear to have been delivered to someone else last week - am desperately trying to get some kind of response from the online printers - idiots!! - (note to self - I won't be using them again ...) as to where they are. Watch this space.

Tonight it's "New Tricks" on TV. Bliss. Better do the ironing while I'm watching it. Groan. And poor Lord H is shattered tonight - work has been hell for him for ages now. Hope it's better soon.

Anne Brooke

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