Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Gifting - onwards ...

The beginning of a week off work - hurrah! Had a lazy start to the day, but enjoyed scribbling away with "The Gifting" and actually managed to get 2000 words out. Have added a twist to Ralph's character, which I rather like - with a bit of luck and if the literary wind is in the right direction, I might even be able to make something of it. Who knows?

Also, wrote a proposal outlining the possibility of turning my blog into a book, which The Friday Project (http://www.thefridayproject.co.uk) have asked to see. Got that off in the post today, together with an example of my writing - sent them "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice", so if nothing else it might make 'em laugh. My first non-fiction (or is it?...) proposal. Another bridge crawled across. Have also sent the first few chapters of "Maloney's Law" to Snow Books (http://www.snowbooks.com) who apparently want thrillers this year. Well, it's certainly a thriller, so at least they can't reject it for not fitting the request. They'll probably find another reason though - ah well.

But at least no-one can say I haven't been busy today. Had a quick flit round Godalming this afternoon and restocked my dwindling book supply. Also bought some poetry, as I'm running seriously low on that front and the stuff I currently have I don't even like anyway. Give me decent poetry - somebody - please!

BBC Southern Counties Radio (http://www.bbc.co.uk/southerncounties/) have emailed to say my "Life" piece will be broadcast sometime over the next few weeks. It could even be tomorrow or next week - hurrah! However, as there's a list of twenty of us, it's all rather vague (if delightful), and I'm too much of a wimp to email back and ask: hey, so when exactly is mine being broadcast? It just sounds way too selfish, even for me. Hey ho.

Have just finished Sue Monk Kidd's "The Secret Life of Bees." Loved the first chapter or so, but the rest of it is rather a drag, I have to say. Apparently it started life as a short story, which publishers got hold of and then wanted more. Hell, they ruined it. It would have made an utterly fantastic and classy short, but is simply a dull novel. Which just goes to show that, no matter what the financial and career incentives, writers should stick to their guns and go with their instincts concerning exactly what something is. Trust me, you know. A lesson for us all - let's hope I'll remember it, should my distant and rapidly diminishing boat ever come in.

Anne Brooke


Hippy Writer said...

I like the idea of your blog being made into a book. Sounds very intriguing! I don't think mind would make a good book it's just inane ramblings on life without very much substance. Now that my internet has been brought back to life I will email you a bit of one of my new story ideas to see what you think (may even use my three words from UniS Writers in it - if I can remember what they were).

Anne Brooke said...

Actually, Julia - that sounds like an ideal book to me - I'd certainly buy it! Looking forward to short story arrival.


Anonymous said...

I've heard wonderful things about the commitment of Snowbooks, and how they look after their authors.

And, let's say, not so wonderful things about The Friday Project.

Good luck!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks for the warning, Lori - will keep an eye out! Publishers normally do very strange things to me though, in my experience!!