Monday, May 29, 2006

Bank Holiday Monday

A mixture of torrential rain and bright sun. Typical bank holiday weather. We were planning to go to the Surrey County Show, but I didn't have a very good night last night and, to be honest, couldn't be arsed. Instead, we had a late, lazy morning, then I had a nap until lunchtime, after which I watched my video of "Phone Booth", with Colin Farrell. Damn good film - I loved it.

Plan to do a fat lot of nothing the rest of the day - we might watch one of our many as yet unwatched DVDs however, and then there's "New Tricks" tonight on TV. I've thought my way into the beginning of some scenes for "The Gifting" and will do some work on them tomorrow. Won't push myself too much though - or will try not to! - as it is a holiday week, after all. I'm supposed to be relaxing - if I only knew how.

And Lord H has mended our overflow problem - what a star - which will make the neighbour downstairs a little happier. How we both hate the whole thought of DIY. It's unnatural.

Still feel rather up and down, but thank God it's not as bad as yesterday.

Anne Brooke

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