Sunday, May 28, 2006

Easter 7

Church was surprisingly okay today - ie I didn't feel quite so bad about it as I usually do at the moment. This week's visiting priest was Colin Semper, who used to be Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC - nice chap. He can definitely come back. He gets humour. Great. Some of them don't. I think he quite liked us too.

Had a trip round Busbridge Lakes afterwards - nice and relaxing. Wandering around looking at birds is okay. Shame they don't open it more often over the summer. There weren't many people about, which was good.

Felt low this afternoon. Can't always tell when the feeling's going to strike, but it's not pleasant while it lasts. Had a couple of hours' nap to try to ride it, but was only partially successful. Have finished the book my Counsellor recommended however: Alice Miller's "The Drama of Being a Child" - I thought some of the stuff was very good, plus helpful, but the latter part of it wasn't quite so helpful. Not sure whether the intellectual understanding of what might be going on right now is entirely a good thing, without the means of practical action. Still, I suppose that's what the counselling is for ...

The final part of "Invasion" tonight - they really seemed to leave us up in the air as to what happens next. They'd better bloody well make a second series - us fans need some kind of resolution!

Lord H has a bad headache, and I don't feel so hot either, so am hoping for an early night. Have sinned on the family front, as haven't done my weekly call to mother - but not sure I can face it right now.

And this week's haiku is:

The music rises,
your friendship fizzes in dance:
bodies in rhythm.

Anne Brooke

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