Thursday, September 14, 2006

A slightly better day - but only slightly

More problems with our pre-induction week at work - but Monique and I rushed around to get things sorted and we just about managed it. I'm hoping the students didn't notice the join. Still felt sore about all the rubbish stuff earlier in the week, but I had a good talk with the boss later on, and I think we both feel better about it now. Phew.

Didn't get anywhere in the placings for the Harry Bowling Award, damn it, so am really disappointed about that. I'm fed up with getting shortlisted and nothing more. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Right now, I really hate the publishing world, and I'm not sure why I'm bothering with it. Not only that, but no sign of that £100 cheque for being on the shortlist either, which they promised. Hmm. Even that would have been something to show for the trip to London.

As you can see, I'm feeling low. In general. I might finish off "The Gifting" and then not write anything for a while. Unless someone shows any real interest in any of my writing. At all. It's just bringing me down, and I really can't hack the pressure or the expectations. When, in the end, the result is nothing. Doesn't seem much point in it really, if what I produce isn't going to get read.

Could do with a night in tonight, to be honest. But it's the works do out and I said I'd go. Hope I can sneak away early though. That would be nice.

The one nice thing about today is that Colin complemented me on my reading aloud skills - he said the piece from "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" was very enjoyable. That made me feel better for a short while - thanks, Colin.

Anne Brooke


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
I happened upon your blog by accident yesterday. I must say I feel a bit awkward leaving you a message out of the blue. For my own sake, I'm just going to pretend we're two strangers sitting in a train station who happened to get into conversation. The fact that you're a writer is what prompted me to say hello. Sorry to hear that you're feeling dispondant at the moment as far as the world of publishing goes - still, your excursion to London sounds like something to be chuffed about. I'm trying to write a book of sorts myself at the moment, though it's not happening fast. Being a creative person isn't always easy, I just hope you don't feel too discouraged about your writing, you've got a lot to be proud about! I like that you end each entry with a possitive comment. Hope your spirits are a little lifted and that you got your early night.
stranger at train station

Anne Brooke said...

Dear Anonymous - thank you so much for your thoughtful comments - no need to feel awkward! It meant a lot to me to read your note. Thank you. I do hope you're enjoying working on your book - and that you have a lot of fun with it.

Didn't get that early night in the end, but will get one tonight - promise!

Anne B