Saturday, September 16, 2006

Haslemere Chocolate Day

A morning spent cleaning - not Lord H's or my favourite task but, hell, it's got to be done. Then an early lunch and a visit to the Chocolate Day of Haslemere's food festival ( - bliss. Stocked up on chocolate buttons, chocolate swizzle sticks (for melting into hot milk), chocolate ginger, and chocolate dried pineapples. Also sampled chocolate hazelnut tart and chocolate flapjacks. I think we've done our bit for the local food trade this week ... And a trip round the town took us to a sausage tasting (also part of the foof festival), so never say that Surrey doesn't know how to enjoy itself.

Late afternoon, I caught up with Star Trek, and then tonight it's the last episode of "How do You Solve a Problem like Maria?" ( - I really hope Connie wins, but I'll take Helena as second choice if I have to. But please, please don't let it be Siobhan - I can't stand her! What am I going to do Saturday nights now it's over? Oooh nooo!

Today's nice things:

1. Chocolate
2. Star Trek
3. Maria School

Anne Brooke

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