Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Editing, and writers galore

A double entry today due to an editing frenzy yesterday (Monday 25 September). I was too busy doing the final editing to "A Dangerous Man" for Flame (http://www.flamebooks.com) to spare a moment for blogging. It was a strange experience too - I wrote the book about four years ago - yes, folks, it's taken that long to perfect and sell - and coming back to it now makes me realise I don't think I could write so intensely and with such darkness about art, sex and death again. It's an exhausting - almost carthartic - experience. But my main character's (Michael's) voice has such a strong grip on me that it's been like coming back into the clutches of an obsession or drug. Strange stuff but oddly enjoyable..

So, today (Tuesday 26 September), I've felt absolutely shattered all day and I've kept returning to Michael's voice and the things he says and feels. I definitely need some sleep.

Over the last couple of days, work hasn't been so bad either. I'm almost up to date with my minutes and the meetings I've been to have been all right. Which is good, as I'm not sure I could take anything complicated at the moment. God forbid! Also, today I've had UniSWriters, which was great, and I popped into Guildford Writers (http://www.guildfordwriters.net) for the first hour, which was also very good - before leaving to pursue my dream of an early night. There's still time, hurrah!

And my reprints of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" for Goldenford (http://www.goldenford.co.uk) have arrived in time for our October events - thank goodness! Here's hoping I manage to sell some ...

I've just finished Clare Morrall's latest novel, "Natural Flights of the Human Mind". Stunning, gripping and the woman is a genius. I couldn't put it down - she does relationships so well. It was a pleasure to read and I'm looking forward to her next.

Today's nice things (yesterday counts too!):

1. Editing "A Dangerous Man"
2. UniSWriters
3. Guildford Writers' meeting.

Anne Brooke

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