Friday, September 15, 2006

Clarins day

Clarins massage and facial today - bliss. Hell, I deserve it. Bought some De-Stress herbal remedy from Holland & Barrett to see if I can knock this feeling low all the time phase into touch - the concoction is stronger than my usual Quiet Life pills, so I can only hope ... But if it doesn't work, I might try some St John's Wort, even though there's such mixed opinions about it. To be honest, I'll try anything (well, almost anything) at this stage which doesn't involve having to ask the doctor for anti-depressants. Here's hoping ...

This afternoon, I had a long nap, which was also bliss. And much-needed. Am planning to get some writing on "The Gifting" done this evening, while Lord H is out at the village hall gardening presentation. Goodness, how very "Midsomer" we're getting around here. Though in a less murderous sense, one hopes!

Today's nice things (I've decided to list any I find up to three, rather than always having to do three):

1. Clarins treatments
2. Sleeping.

Anne Brooke

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