Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brunch, art and battle training

A lazy start to the day today, and a welcome brunch of scrambled eggs, mushroom and chicken - as made (just about acceptably - cooking not being one of my strong points) by me, hurrah. I then leapt womanfully into Sunday Suburbia mode and washed the car (well, gosh), while Lord H mended my brakelight. What a hero.

Talking of heroes, I struggled on with Hallsfoot's Battle and am now just about at 37,000 words where Johan's about to start his battle training. He's confident, but it won't go well, I fear. Well, the Gathandrians don't really do violent stuff so they're not used to it. I suspect he will have to swallow his pride and ask for Simon's help, in the long run ...

And Lord H and I have bid a fond farewell to The Watts Gallery as it closes at the end of September for an 18-month refurbishment. I shall miss the horse sculpture. I love that horse, aka "Physical Energy". I'm already making a mental note of the June 2010 planned big opening date so I can go and say hello to it again. Mind you, there are certain paintings in the gallery I love too, so let's not forget them either. Some of Watts' portraits are utterly gripping. And some of them will be on tour for the next 18 months, starting with London in November, so if you do hear tell of a travelling Watts exhibition near you, go and say hello from me.

Later this afternoon, I intend to carve out some napping time, if only in order to gear myself up for Tess of the D'Urbervilles on TV tonight. Even now (spoiler alert!), I'm yelling at the TV in the same way I always always always yell at the book: don't tell him, Tess, he doesn't need to hear about the baby!!! Marital Lesson Number One - your man doesn't need to know it all!!. Indeed, as my mother always says to any couple asking for her marital wisdom: have a joint account by all means but keep your private one going too - marriage has to come with some privacy attached ... Ye gods, my mother's not as crazed as I've always assumed after all then. Heck no, what am I saying? - she is.

I've finished reading Navkirat Sodhi's poetry collection, "Un". Very surreal and charmingly minimalist - some of the short pieces really rock. And such a beautiful green hardback cover too. Particular favourites were: "Untitled (You look into my eyes)" which says everything you need to know about being in love in just three lines; "Untitled (Tonight I return yet again)" which carries with it a dark punch of despair; "Shall" which tells how life is itself a story; and "Inhale" which focuses on the speaker's relationship with three very different men. They're poems you need to take time over to delve into the meaning, and are well worth the time spent doing so - but they have an essential feeling of breath and space which makes that process itself seem very easy. A poet to watch, for sure.

And talking of poems, this week's haiku is:

Sometimes words don't come;
I'm left a syllable short
of perfection.

Today's nice things:

1. Brunch
2. Getting to 37,000 words in Hallsfoot
3. The Watts Gallery
4. Poems
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Unknown said...

Sorry, sorry, sorree! Accidentally hit the delete (instead of publish) for our last comment on my blog and managed to consign it to oblivion. Think of it as being sucked into The Rift...

Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee, one for the Torchwood team for sure!