Monday, September 29, 2008

Mad timetabling and medical rows

Much to my astonishment, I actually managed to get an appointment with the nice doctor at 8.30 this morning, so as I only found out at 8.10am, it was a mad rush to get there. Once again, he was very sweet and helpful, but I’ve been left with even more confusion and decisions to make than I had before. Groan. The upshot is that he's concerned about:

1. The ablation - he doesn't think I need it and says the new consultant does have a rather steamroller approach to stuff, even though she's good. He suggests a coil (which I don't want) or a D&C which is an alternative and less extreme option. To be honest, I really didn't want to have to think about anything the week before the op, but it appears I must. I just feel really upset and confused about it all, particularly as the consultant said the doctors probably wouldn't like it. I'm stuck in the middle of a medical disagreement - not a great place to be. At the moment I'm leaning towards a D&C, if that's the moderate answer, but I suppose I'll need to write yet another letter to the hospital & everyone, plus ring PPP up again. And I suppose I'll have to do it this week if it's going to mean anything. Deep deep sigh.

2. Plus he doesn't think I really need to be on the HRT patches or the Metformin, if I didn't have any real symptoms I was worried about beforehand to justify it (though he's happy with the gel). He's therefore taken those off the repeat prescription info and suggests I use what I have, then come in to see him after I've seen the consultant at the end of next month so we can see how things are. Lordy, but I’m muddled. I shall definitely try to persuade Lord H to go with me to that appointment – maybe all the appointments – as otherwise who the heck knows what will happen. Honestly, it’s all very disheartening, and I am so tired and fed up with it all. I could sleep for a week, I can tell you. Another deeeeep sigh …

In the meantime, work has been hugely busy. Lots of stressed students to deal with today, plus concerned parents, and I’ve spent most of the morning trying to find solutions to complex issues. Though I do sympathise – I hated my Freshers’ Week too (way too much forced fun and forced socialising – it drove me insane …) and didn’t actually make any friends I liked until the second year. The only thing that got me through it at all was how much I loved the academic work. Perhaps that isn’t what I should be telling them though – not at this stage, I fear.

Thank goodness for my lunchtime session of reflexology – I couldn’t have got through the day without it.

I’ve also been playing with the Timetable from Hell. Which is strangely satisfying in a secretarial sad way. We’re giving three sets of 10 minute talks to each department on campus, and I must slot them all in before (a) my brain explodes; and (b) Christmas. Never say we don’t care here in Student Care Services.

And, if I can get all that under control, I’m having to do the shopping after work – Lordy, what a joy today is turning out to be. Not. Thank goodness for Who Do You Think You Are to relax in front of later, hurrah. Now there's a question.

Time since The Gifting Submission: 4 months, 1 week and 2 days
Time since The Bones of Summer Agent Submission: 1 day (though this isn’t entirely fair as he’s not back till Tuesday …)

Today’s nice things:

1. Getting the doctors appointment without too much effort
2. Reflexology
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Jilly said...

Sorry to hear about all the medical confusion, Anne, that is just what you don't want at the moment. I would say go with what the people you trust are saying. Trust your instinct as well - it's a much underrated quality in my opinion. Hugs - you need them.

Anne Brooke said...

Yes, I think you're right - thanks, Jilly!

Hugs to you


litlove said...

Oh poor you, and so typical of stupid doctors. I agree with Jilly's comment. I think we have quite good instincts about our bodies really, only the medical profession with their charmingly blunt assessments scramble our more nuanced thinking. Go with whatever scares you least. But I am a class A coward... Anyhow, hugs to you, not least for the admin involved!

Litlove xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, LL - wise advice for sure!