Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Torchwood, black holes and a trip to town

Spent this morning getting through yet more marketing admin stuff, with relative ease. At least, I’ve sent out a lot of emails and it’s easy until people start replying. Ah, that’s the curse of email, you know – you feel like you’re doing something useful and it’s all fine till you start getting the responses, dammit …

Was supposed to be having coffee with Sally at lunchtime, but the pressure of work means we’ll have to postpone till next week. So I walked into town instead and put a cheque in. My, how I do love paying money in – so very satisfying and so very unusual. I also tried to get a lid for my currently lidless datastick, as said lid unexpectedly vanished yesterday – and could not even be found by Lord H nobly peering at the path at night by torchlight, sigh. However, Guildford doesn’t appear to sell any of the type I want, so I will have to resort to buying one off the web and then using the new lid for my original one. Lordy, how complicated life can be. Bizarrely, I also bumped into Ruth’s husband who was collecting Euros for their holiday, so Surrey is obviously reacting to today’s Big Bang experiment by flinging everyone into one town over the lunch period. Sensible decision. And at least we know where the coming black hole will be: in Guildford.

This afternoon, everyone in the office was either out or at another training seminar (or possibly still in Guildford …), so I was on my own for a couple of hours. It can be rather dull, but at least it means I don’t have to look like I know what I’m doing. Because, believe me, I never do know that.

Ooh and there’s the Torchwood radio play on Radio 4 this afternoon – as part of Big Bang Day (actually are we still alive, or is this now an alternative universe? Oh good …), so I must listen to that sometime over the next week. I do so love Jack & Ianto. And an extra helping of Torchwood never goes amiss.

Tonight, I’ll try to do some more to Hallsfoot’s Battle – I think I’ll start the first of the battle preparation scenes with Johan and Talus, and see where I go. Hmm, probably not far, as I do feel rather squeezed out by the week ... Thank goodness for “Lost in Austen” on TV, hurrah – nothing like an hour of girly fluffy TV to ease the old aching bones indeed …

Today’s nice things:

1. Paying in a cheque
2. Torchwood
3. Writing
4. TV.

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