Monday, September 22, 2008

Frazzled of Godalming: Day One

First day of Freshers’ Week – say no more. Just wish I’d managed more sleep last night, but it was not too be – sinus troubles kept me awake and I now have a cold, dammit. Still, I got to work at about 8am and then didn’t stop rushing about like a demented gazelle (but not quite as nimble) until the finale. It’s madness out there, Carruthers … Though what a lovely bunch of first years – all totally charming and so far they’re laughing at my countless mistakes, thank goodness. I hope they’re as generous tomorrow. Because, as usual, I’m winging it. I do rather like our “Here to Help You” sashes though, sadly – slung over the shoulder, it makes us feel quite the thing, m’dears. Ho ho.

People are also enjoying the new style presentations, acted out by an external company this year. All very now, of course. And the speaker’s quite hot too, mmm … Nice tattoos. I was quite overcome when I caught a glimpse. A statement which surely shows my mid-40s status more than any other.

Plus in my moments back at the desk I am struggling with an urgent complicated timetabling job that the boss wants done this week. I don’t have any real idea what exactly is needed and at the moment he’s too busy to ask, dammit. I’m hoping we can sort it out tomorrow, but I’m doing the best I can. For what it’s worth. UPDATE: I think I've had a reasonable attempt and even sent out some emails about it (good Lord!), but let's see what tomorrow brings as to whether it's right or not ...

Tonight I am collapsing like a squeezed-out sponge in front of the TV. I don’t give a damn what’s on – I’ll watch anything, frankly. Oh, but I must watch Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two - I do love that Claudia.

And we do it all over again tomorrow, hurrah …

Time since The Gifting Submission: 4 months and 2 days
Number of times A Dangerous Man was rejected before Flame Books took pity on me: c50.

Today’s nice things:
1. Nice freshers
2. Hot presentation speakers
3. Surviving the day
4. TV.

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