Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birds, dinner and dancing

Lord H and I have spent a lovely day out, lurking behind bushes and staring at birds. As you do. We started off in Pagham Harbour (hard "g" if you're saying it in your head ...) and had a great time staring at lapwing, godwits, herons and the usual sea-loving suspects. Mind you, we were surprised by a determined flock of linnets who had obviously decided there was much safety in numbers and were brave enough to lurk on top of the bushes we were in and stare back at us. Shades of Hitchcock indeed ... We were also treated to an incredible and long-lasting view of a kingfisher flying up and down one of the creeks. Marvellous. All that electric blue and orange. And the turnstones were nice too - once we'd spotted them about ten yards away from us - the only reason we saw them at all was the slight clicking noise they made on the pebbles. They therefore win the Best Camouflaged Bird of the Year award - well done them!

On the way back, we popped into Pulborough Brooks and managed to spot a Little Stint - hurrah! So another tick on the great bird list. Ooh, and a greenshank too, which was fun although we have seen one a while back.

Once home, we had half an hour before getting out again for dinner at Prezzo in Godalming. Being a sad couple with no life, we like to eat early so were in at 7pm and out again at 8.15. Result! That's the kind of service we like here in the twilight zone. It means that we still have time to watch the Strictly Come Dancing preview which I videoed before we went out. Double hurrah. Must get my glitz-frock and strappy sandals on first though ... noblesse oblige, as they say.

And I've finished reading F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Which I've never read before, and I know that's an appalling admission, but hey I'm from Essex and think Jilly Cooper is class. Anyway, I rather enjoyed it - lots happened but very subtly, including beating up and later "accidental" killing of a mistress, adultery and murder amongst the drinking classes. So kudos for Fitzgerald for being able to do any of that subtly at all. Not sure I could. And not bad for a literary novel. He should have turned his hand to crime - he would have wowed us all then.

Today's nice things:

1. Birds
2. Dinner out
3. TV dancing.

Anne Brooke
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Jackie Luben said...

Belated good wishes on the mutual anniversary. I'm glad you had such a good day.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie - hope yours was good too!


Jilly said...

I don't think you're sad eating early Anne - I much prefer to do so. I would be biting chunks out of the table if I had to wait until 8.00!

Anne Brooke said...

Glad I'm not the only early eater, Jilly! I used to have a friend who'd say come round at 7.30pm for dinner and she never used to start cooking till 9pm!!! It was agony ...


Here in the shires, I like to be all washed up (oh in so many ways ...) by 7pm!