Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bones and birds

Was delighted to receive The Bones of Summer back from my very charming editor Sarah Abel yesterday, so that's something I can start working on tomorrow - thanks so much for your help, Sarah! I was especially pleased that she was very positive about it, saying the following:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your novel. It is apparent that you have crafted it very carefully. Your characters are well-defined and believable ... The plot rolls out confidently and builds gradually, holding the tension ... and your final scenes are extremely atmospheric."

Thank you hugely for that indeed - though I was rather amused by the careful crafting comment. I have to admit much of my plot (plot? I have plot? Goodness me!...) is done on a wing and a prayer, so if it works I'm always amazed. Anyway, with such praise ringing in my ears and spurring me onwards, I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into the edit. After that, of course, I'll start the two-year scrabble for a publisher before someone takes pity on me. I hope. Ah, a writer's life ... Who the hell said it was supposed to be glamorous and fulfilling?!? Whoever it was, have them shot at once, Carruthers.

Today, Lord H and I have spent a lovely day at the Seven Sisters Country Park near Lewes, and what glorious weather we've had for it too. Only wish we'd thought about taking our sun hats - we could well have done with them. Armed with our usual determination and a good pair of binoculars, we've spotted goldfinches, wheatears, a meadow pipit, little egrets, herons, a zillion Canada geese and a hobby. All very satisfying. Plus we had a wander through the very shingly beach at Cuckmere Haven and shared a table with a mad woman at lunch. Well, I think she was mad - though she was also very lovely and perfectly charming, and we had a nice chat while we waited (one hour!!!!) for our baguettes to be grown. She was a New Age therapist and was enthusiastically telling me about her new treatment of a Gong Bath - ie she gets a lot of Tibetan gongs, places them round the client and then plays them so the client is bathed in sound. I had to remember not to look at Lord H while she was telling me this for fear of causing offence - but actually it all sounds rather relaxing to me. Never say never, eh.

Tonight, I will be glued to Strictly Come Dancing and I am determined to vote for Gillian Taylforth. I do so love her - she has a voice and a laugh to die for. Go for it, Gillian!

Writerly Facts:
Time since the submission of The Gifting with no response: 4 months and 1 week
Happiness rating percentage when someone gives me positive feedback on a book: 300%
Despair rating percentage when someone says they don't like a book: 1000%

Today's nice things:

1. Sarah Abel's lovely comments about Bones
2. A day out with birds
3. Tibetan gongs
4. Dancing on TV.

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