Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frazzled of Godalming Day Two

Here we are again. Day Two of Freshers’ Week. I got in early – though not as early as yesterday – and set our table up. Thank goodness no-one had taken anything overnight so I actually had stuff to put on the table. Even the tablecloth was still there – well, gosh. This year’s intake is very kind indeed. It wasn’t such a wild rush as yesterday either – so far, anyway. The queries were steady but not overwhelming.

Due to various staffing issues, I fiddled around with the rota and was on duty from 11am till 2pm, so lunch was a distinctly movable feast. Or not much of a feast really. I also managed to squeeze in to see one of the presentations myself – it’s fabulous. Really zappy and gives the students everything they need in a funny way. Plus the nice-to-look-at presenter too – mmm. Just what I need to round the care services table staffing extravaganza off nicely, hurrah.

Oh, and this week’s heroes are: The Presentation Man (for reasons outlined above and yesterday), the Student Care Team (because we're wonderful), and the Induction Week Organisers (because they're great too). Well done to us!

Tonight, Lord H is off to Aldershot to see Annie Get Your Gun, as one of his colleagues is in it – but I couldn’t face it so I’m crying off. I’m peopled out, you see. Well, I was peopled out by 9.30am yesterday, to be honest, and am already in injury time now. Neither am I sure how much Lord H will enjoy the show – but I admire his loyalty. However, if he does come home slapping his thigh and yelling yeee-ha, I shall check the drugs cabinet at once.

So I’ll watch Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two instead, and my video of Stephen Fry’s programme on the Gutenberg Press. I think I’ve given up on Mutual Friends – it was way too depressing last week, and I can’t take another dose of that. I have enough worry of my own. Hell, I might even try to write something – who knows … If I can summon up the energy, that is.

Time since The Gifting submission with no response: 4 months and 3 days.
Number of times I submitted Pink Champagne and Apple Juice before giving up and going the Goldenford route: 22

Today’s nice things:

1. A quieter day than yesterday
2. The fun presentation
3. TV
4. Writing.

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