Sunday, March 02, 2008

I've done it!!

Ye gods, sound the trumpets and wave the ruddy flags as, by George, I've done the bloody rewrite!! Yes. The Gifting is now completely rewritten and I believe I can give myself the ruddy evening off. Hell, I deserve it.

Naturally, I'll have to do the read-through and correct the no-doubt numerous errors, plus redo the timeline, create a new character profile for Annyeke and do a battles timeline, but at least I have something nearer the beast as I think it should be to actually work with. Sorry, you'll need to forgive the split infinitive. I can't be arsed to rewrite it. Ho ho. It is funny how some novels have to be chipped away at like sculptures before you get to what's inside. A Dangerous Man was like that, and now here's another bugger just the same. Damn those total rewrites, eh. Whereas both Pink Champagne and Apple Juice and Thorn in the Flesh seemed to know roughly what they were supposed to be from the word go. Honestly, there's no rhyme nor reason to writing, you know. But it's bloody exhausting, I can tell you! As well as being one of the most fun things in the world. Of course.

Besides this monumental achievement, I have done other stuff today too. This has included spending a lot of time bumping into or falling over things. Hmm, perhaps my mind is elsewhere? Lord H tells me, deadpan, that it's because everything has shifted since the earthquake and I am simply taking routes which are no longer suitable. Honestly, that man could blag for Britain. I will indeed have to learn to walk in the new shape of the flat ...

And I've checked the tyre pressures, oil and water in the car, baked a plum and nectarine crumble and wished Mother a Happy Mothers Day. She is more than thrilled with her flowers and books package (and, yes, that did include Thorn!), so I may well have been raised to the heady heights of Good Daughter again. For a while ...

Tonight, I am chilling (at last! at last!) in front of "Lark Rise to Candleford" and "Lewis", safe in the knowledge that I have a delicious day off tomorrow. So I don't have to get depressed until tomorrow night, hurrah! Ooh, and one of my Thorn in the Flesh readers received her book package yesterday, read it in one sitting and has emailed me to say how much she loved it and that she couldn't put it down. Gosh, thank you for that, Sarah! That's made my day even more special. Apparently, she's going to do a review for me, so I shall look forward to seeing that at some stage.

And this week's haiku is:

Unexpected space:
the joy of nothing to do
and a chance to breathe.

Today's nice things:

1. Finishing the rewrite of The Gifting
2. Getting a nice Thorn review
3. TV.

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Nik Perring said...

Brilliant news Anne! Enjoy your evening - well deserved!


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Nik! Will do - and make sure you enjoy yours as well!



Jilly said...

Anne - I have finished Thorn and posted a review on Amazon and on my blog. I was going to e-mail you as well but don't have a note of your e-mail address on this computer. I'm not sure enjoy is the right word. I found it uncomfortable to read because of the rape - as any woman must I suppose, but I had to know what happened. The ending, though violent, was right for the story. I thought it was well written and plotted and it flowed beautifully. I would love to know what happened to Kate afterwards and to Nicky and David. I think this is your best book yet. Hugs Jilly

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks so much, Jilly - I know it's a difficult book with a difficult story - and I really appreciate your comments. Thanks so much for reading.

Love and hugs to you


Sarah Hilary said...

I love your haikus, Anne, they always make me smile

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, thanks, Sarah - really appreciate that!