Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Books, buttons and dance

Ooh gosh, I actually seem to have sold one or two more copies of Thorn in the Flesh – so huge thanks to the University Health Centre for their enthusiasm! I’ve also managed to get the book news onto the University intranet and the commercial noticeboard, so I feel I’m PR-ed out now. For a while.

This morning, I’ve carried out a VDU assessment for a new employee and discovered that my assessee (is that a word even?) has been given so short an extension lead to her keyboard that she can barely reach the thing when in the correct typing position. And if she does manage to get the keyboard where it should be, then it slowly pings back to the wall. I’m hoping the powers that be will grant us a longer lead soon – it’s certainly the merciful option!

Ooh, and I’ve posted another couple of copies of Thorn out, and had a very in-depth chat with the lovely post lady while doing so. The poor thing’s been going through a hell of a time, so no wonder the post office has been closed recently – I quite understand it now! At least, things seem to be improving at the moment, which is a relief for her. Odd how so many people seem to be going through bad times this year – let’s hope it gets better for us all …

Whilst running around campus, delivering works of literary genius (ho ho) to the favoured few, the last of my buttons fell off my ruddy coat. Big sigh. I don’t think I now have any buttons on any of my coats, and I also have a large collection of coat-free buttons collected over the years. One day I will get them all together and have a very big party. Where I’ll definitely get Ruth’s husband to do the catering.

And one of my friends in IT who is retiring later in the year has very thoughtfully sent me photos of her wonderful Spanish villa where she will be living from October. Curses galore, Carruthers, but my teeth are well and truly gnashed! Why, oh why can’t it be us? I love Spain … and the villa looks utterly wonderful. If my eyes weren’t already green, they would have turned so now.

This lunchtime, I took the minutes for the Student Affairs Committee – I haven’t looked at the papers for so long that I felt like I was winging it for most of the session. So no change there really. The only trouble is having to write the darn things up. Sigh. It was rather sweet though the way people kept passing notes around the room in order to communicate without disturbing the discussions in hand – it doesn’t really work, I have to say. Best to just interrupt and have done with it really.

Tonight, I’m braving my Scottish country dance class, even though I haven’t been able to go for ages. Hope I’ll be able to keep up. And I must dash back for the glories of “Torchwood”. My midweek isn’t complete without it, you know. Somebody get me my torch …

Today’s nice things:

1. Selling some Thorns
2. Dance
3. Torchwood.

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Nik Perring said...

Bad news about the buttons.

Good news about the books!

Nik :)

Jilly said...

With me it's buttons on blouses! I'm glad Thorn is selling well - it's well worth buying in my opinion.

Anne Brooke said...

Many thanks, both! All I need is a needle!



Unknown said...

Sigh, you were right. Torchwood was pants this week :(


Anne Brooke said...

I know! Here's hoping next week's is better! Give us more of Ianto & Jack is what I say.