Friday, March 28, 2008

Radio date and the Web Mistress

I really have to say that yesterday's trip to the theatre to see Our Friends in the North was an utter disaster! It was dreadful. For a start it lasted nearly four hours with only one interval, all the characters were completely unappealing and we seemed to have the same short scene over and over again, only with different people in it. Um, yes, we caught on quite early that the theme was politics and corruption, but we didn't need to have that message drummed into us more than twice. And really there was no humanity in it. I do have to say that by the time we'd all dragged ourselves to the interval, we could take no more - so Lord H and I left in order to run, screaming, to the hills. We just couldn't face another two hours of it. There was one glorious moment though - when the woman in the scene just before half-time suddenly said, "Do you know? I think we've been here years. I'm terrified we'll never get to leave ..." and I don't really know whether that was scripted or not. Either way, I'm sure we all felt the same. Shakespeare it ain't.

Anyway, to this morning. I have arranged an interview on Southern Counties Radio and it's going to be on the Breakfast Show on Thursday 3 April at 6.50am. I'd better make sure my teeth are brushed in that case! And try to stop hyperventilating between now and then ... Hmm, I foresee a run on those calming pills.

For the rest of the day, I have started to create a new website for Goldenford. The old one is very creaky, and we just need something zappy and stylish to go with our zappy stylish novels. I'm pleased with what I've done so far, but feel that I need the guiding hand of Lord H in order to do anything complicated with it. With any luck, I might have got it sorted by the end of April, but don't hold your breath! I've also added another 500 words to The Bones of Summer and am well into the flashback scene now. So that's 65,000 words in total, hurrah!

Also managed to squeeze in some essential shopping in Godalming, but missed anyone coming up to me asking for a novel, tee hee. Mind you, my hair does look rather wild today (forgot to blow-dry it, you know), so perhaps they were all put off by my Wild Woman of Borneo look? One can only hope ...

Tonight, I'm planning to watch yesterday's video of "Ashes to Ashes" and then, oh joy, there's "Torchwood". Oh and Lord H has won the work quiz so we have wine, double hurrah! I may even treat myself to a glass or two. Lordy, but I'm such a wild child - must be the hair ...

Today's nice things:

1. Arranging a radio interview
2. Writing
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
Anne's website
Goldenford Publishers' site - for the next month anyway!


Marla D said...

Why isn't bad hair in your nice things? Good luck with the radio's easy..just treat it as a conversation and have a few notes to glance at should you go blank x

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, maybe it should be, Marla! And thanks for the advice - I'll bear it in mind when I'm panicking!