Friday, March 21, 2008

Day with Mother!

Arrgghhh!!! No, sorry, that just came out. As it were. You know how it is. Anyway, Lord H and I have done our Mother duty and we can tick that one off our list, ho ho - so the rest of the weekend is our own (cue evil laughter ...). Which, funnily enough, is exactly what Mother said, except she substituted the word "Daughter" where I've typed "Mother" in the last sentence. And missed out the reference to Lord H. Lord preserve me, but perhaps we are indeed more alike than I'll admit. Noooooooo!!!!!! Somebody pass me the aspirin bottle now and save me the misery later.

Anyway, it wasn't too bad really. Lordy, what am I saying?? We had a nice lunch and popped out in the afternoon so we could deliver her church magazines round the village. During that little outing, I only tried to strangle her and suffocate her with her own woolly hat once (each), so really I consider I was on my best behaviour, all in all. Though I have to admit she did come in useful in the houses where there were wild dogs attempting to tear us limb from limb: under those circumstances I simply stayed in the car and sent her into the fray. Well, she's my Mother - she ought to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if need be. That's her job. Besides of which, I have more of my life left (one hopes), so you know it makes sense. Lordy, but I hate dogs. At risk of being torn limb from limb by rabid British dog owners, I really don't like dogs. The only good one is a dead one, in my opinion. Hmm. Maybe, having said that, Mother is likely to live longer than me after all ...

During the afternoon, I attempted to take a brief nap while Mother and Lord H struggled with the jigsaw that my aunt bought her for her birthday. Really, it's a constant astonishment how my aunt - who has known my mother for 77 years, man and boy - has no idea what my mother is like. Honestly, I think that said aunt only sees the sister she knew when she was 12. She forgets we've all moved on. Because the fact remains that my mother absolutely hates jigsaws and only did some of it today as a sop for when she next meets her sister. The bloody thing has 1000 pieces too, most of which are blue sky. Ah, the lies we all tell and the faces we assume in the family, eh ...

It's also a constant astonishment that Mother talked non-stop through the jigsaw session - and there was I thinking that a jigsaw was a quiet, reflective activity. More fool me, eh. I'm surprised I got any sleep at all.

Anyway, we are now back in the shires, hurrah, and looking forward to "Torchwood" tonight. I really ought to do some cleaning and put a wash on but, frankly, I can't be arsed. We will just have to remain dirty. Which is somehow fitting for the theology of Good Friday, I suppose.

Today's nice things:

1. Ticking off Mother from the list
2. Not being eaten by mad dogs
3. Torchwood.

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