Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Writers, photos and poems

Managed to finish the first draft of the Student Affairs Committee minutes yesterday, hurrah! And have spent a large part of the morning typing up travel forms for the Health Centre website. Simple typing stuff – honestly, I really love it. Wish there was more stuff I didn’t have to think about during my working day. That would be bliss. I also really loved the question on the form which said: Are you pregnant or planning pregnancy or breast feeding? (NB Women only). Goodness me, but I hadn’t realised medical expertise had moved on quite so quickly …

Took the University Writers’ Group at lunchtime – I think they’ve had fun with the word game homework I gave them to do and there were some good manuscripts to look at. I always find running – or trying to run! – a group terrifying, but worth it too. Not to mention helping me with my own stuff – and goodness me I need all the help I can get! Ooh, and I’ve sold another copy of Thorn in the Flesh – so thank you, Ruth’s mother! Though I suspect it’s not exactly an Easter read …

This afternoon the Surrey Advertiser came by to take a photo of me for their article. I’m wearing a waistcoat and attempting to look like an author, ho ho. Perhaps they can make me look like Ginger Rogers? Now that would be a result – I’ve always wanted to be that woman. All that glamour and dancing with Fred too. What could be nicer? Anyway, I’m ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille …

Tonight I’ll pop into the hospital to see how Gladys is getting on, and then it’s an evening in, hurrah! I’m planning to start editing Irene’s wonderful Indian novel, Darshan, for Goldenford – it’ll be great to edit someone else’s work rather than my own for once.

And - at last! - here's a poem:


prickle my eyes.
They are sharp,
bright arrows of meaning

though sometimes
it's hard to know
exactly what they say

or to accept the message.

Words have their own
purpose, hold their own
timing, breathe a different life.

Much like people.

Today’s nice things:

1. University Writers’ Group
2. Surrey Advertiser snaps
3. Writing a poem.

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