Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Odd knockings and book readings

Very stormy in the night again, Carruthers. Apparently. Though I have to admit I slept right through it. However, Lord H was woken up by odd knockings from the downstairs flat and, in the morning, we discovered that the neighbour’s outside continental blind had been swept up by the winds and was nestling nicely in our gutter. We’ve managed to unattach it from the gutter using only a skewer and some sticky-back plastic and reattach it to where it should be, but I think it might need further medical attention at some stage. Don’t we all? Mind you, I do feel that Lord H should have woken me up when it was actually happening, and we could have then gone and investigated in the middle of the night, armed only with our special Torchwood torches and some rather unusual fluffy slippers. After all, it could have been aliens, you know … Hmm, now there’s an image you don’t want to mess with.

At work, Sue from the Health Centre has suggested that her book group look at Thorn in the Flesh later in the year and invite me along to discuss it. Gosh, thanks, Sue – a very kind thought indeed! It’s not often I get taken out for an airing – I have to abide by my police curfew of course – and I’m always delighted to be asked. And naturally Goldenford provide discounts for multiple purchases, so hopefully it’ll work out for everyone. And something to look forward to for later, hurrah!

Talking of books, I see some equally kind person has bought a copy of A Dangerous Man from Amazon as it’s now no longer on stock there. Here’s hoping they restock it soon as goodness knows it’s the only one they seem able to! In the meantime, thank you, Kind Person, and I do hope you enjoy the read. I’m also continuing – slowly, oh so slowly – to write my short story about fruit. I like the way it’s going, but it certainly ain’t quick. Always good to discover a different working method though.

I’m supposed to be going to my last Pilates class at lunchtime today, but I’m not really in the mood, so I’m going to skip it and walk round the campus and pop into the gallery instead. Ooh what a rebel I am indeed, ho ho. And tonight, Jennifer from Goldenford and I are doing a book reading at the North Camp deli, so that’ll be (a) fun; (b) scary; or (c) both. Probably (c), I think. I’ve brought half a ton of books in, as we’re going straight there from work, and will no doubt be carrying half a ton of books back too. Haven’t had much time to practise my readings –I’ve prepared one from Thorn and one from Pink Champagne and Apple Juice just in case, but I suspect I’ll only do the Thorn one.

And I’ve even remembered to set the video for “Torchwood” in case Jennifer and I are mobbed by our adoring fans and can’t get home in time. Not only that, but I’ve added in the programme on Frinton-on-Sea that follows afterwards. So near my home town! And Frinton has always had class and quirkiness. In spades. I love it.

Today’s nice things:

1. Being invited to a book group with Thorn
2. My campus lunchtime walk
3. The deli book reading.

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