Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reviews and the web

Delighted to see that Alex Beecroft, author of Captain's Surrender (a high-octane fun read!) has put a review of A Dangerous Man on the US Amazon site - and as they don't stock it, here's the review:

“A gorgeously written, tense and creepy book, combining a love story and an artist's passion for his work into a force that makes the narrator of the book a very dangerous man. Not for those who like their fiction fluffy, this is a real work of literature.”

Thanks, Alex! And I was trying so hard to be fluffy ... ah well.

And talking of Amazon, I gather that they're having a serious crackdown on small publishers who use POD (print-on-demand) technology - which probably explains why so few of our Goldenford books are ever in stock on Amazon these days, and also why Thorn in the Flesh has never been in stock there. Interestingly, my test request for a copy from Amazon UK is now over one month old and still shown as outstanding on my account - yet I've heard nothing from them. Even though they can get it within only a few days from Gardners UK (book stockists and distributors). I fear that the little people are once again about to be shafted by the big conglomerates. Honestly, it really pisses me off - so much for individual choice, eh. Buggers. UPDATE: Gosh how weird - Amazon have just emailed me saying they are still trying to obtain a copy of Thorn in the Flesh for me and do I still want it? Um, yes. Actually I do. Get off your arses and send an email to Gardners, you idjits!!! Ye gods, how thick can one company get??!

Anyway, for most of the day, I've been slogging away updating the old Goldenford site and I think that - with Lord H's valuable help - I am now almost there. I just need to sort one or two of the book covers out, upload the PayPal details, work out a transfer schedule and we're done. I hope! Actually, I've thoroughly enjoyed doing it - computer creativity is a marvellous thing - but it's utterly exhausting too.

I've also packed my bags for next week's AUA conference - that's the Association of University Administrators, for the 99.9% of you not in the know on that one. I'm off bright & early tomorrow to York and don't get back till Wednesday evening. Depending on the traffic. Am also hoping to go and see my aunt while I'm up there - when we will spend a lot of time not talking about my writing, as that part of the family find it so terribly unsettling. I think the poor thing is still in shock at having tried to read A Dangerous Man - so she's going to find Thorn in the Flesh even more startling, I'm sure!

Anyway, as I'm away for a few days, I hope the beginning of your weeks are all as good as possible, and I'll be back blogging on Thursday - if I recover from my breakfast radio interview in time, that is!

This week's haiku:

In the slate-grey day
the road is full of bridges.
They whisper secrets.

Today's nice things:

1. Alex's review of A Dangerous Man
2. Website creativity
3. Haikus.

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Peter said...

Yes website creativity can be fun, as long as you don;t do it for a living!

Anne Brooke said...

Um, I do! It's my favourite part of my uni job too.



Jackie Luben said...

Have a good break - or is it that? Hope the family's not too daunting and congrats on the review.

Amazons are an absolute pain, aren't they?

Anne Brooke said...

More work than break, Jackie! Still - at least I'm not in the office!

Hugs & thanks



Marla D said...

Your writing certainly isn't fluffy! Which is a good thing..Thorn was brilliant..I ate it in 2 days..nice Haiku x

Jilly said...

Enjoy York - even if you don't get to see much of it! One of my all time favourite cities.

Anonymous said...

What about The Book Depository? They have your novels as "unavailable", but their "mission" indicates it should be otherwise? Take a look at their "about us" page.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, full link did not come up, but just putting in the start of it should get you there.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Marla - glad you liked "Thorn"! And the haiku.

Yes, York is lovely - I do love the Minster. And I'm a sucker for cobbled streets.

And thanks for the tip-off, Rhian - I'll have a look at that soonest!



Casdok said...

C and i were in your neck of the woods yestersday, so i was thinking of you!
Yes enjoy your work/break!

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, lovely!! Hope the weather held for you & that you had a great time!