Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unwillingly to school … but a nice review!

Goodness me, but it was an effort to drag myself out of bed and force myself into work today. That in spite of two extra calming pills, a double shot of my happiness-enducing oestrogen gel and an evening primrose/starflower oil pill. Do you think I’m too reliant on my new age herbals? I’m planning for the Rescue Remedy spray later …

And I don’t think any of this has been made easier by the fact that last night’s editing of The Gifting felt completely uninspired. Much like battling through a sea of treacle armed only with a teaspoon. I’m very twitchy about tackling it in more detail later in the week. Ho hum.

Meanwhile, this morning I’ve been trudging through writing up yesterday’s minutes and trying to ignore the complexities of the actions points I seem to have been lumbered with from it. Groan. Mind you, I think the boss is cheering me up by coming to his own solutions, unaided by me, so there may well be a light at the end of the proverbial. You never know. Either that or my pills are kicking in. Mind you, in the research I’ve been doing, I did find this marvellous bit of PR by one software provider in their attempt to persuade you to invest in their product: “Imagine leaving for home in the evening and returning the following morning to the pleasant sight of a busy calendar, without you having to lift a finger. With our web bookings system this dream can become a reality.” Lordy, I can imagine my colleagues’ reactions! Has the person who dreamt up this bit of nonsense ever actually worked in an office?? M’dears, we spend 90% of our time attempting to keep our diaries free and seeing no-one …

Oh and last night’s moment of comedy was when Lord H changed the battery in the kitchen clock (which has been showing a quarter-to-four for a while now and making occasional bids to reach the dizzy heights of four), but didn’t think to finish the job by changing the time to what it actually should be. Ah now, his mind is obviously on higher things. So when I came in to check on the sausages, it was still only showing four-thirty, when I’d timed it from seven. We are obviously on Godalming hours. And the sausages were most peculiar. Oh well.

Went for a walk about campus at lunchtime – which was nice. I think it helped me shrug off the Monday depression at last, but slowly, slowly – ye gods but the older I get the longer Monday lasts! At least it set me up for the two meetings with marketing I scheduled in for this afternoon. Leaflets and templates: it’s all beginning to seem such a lot of effort for not very much – or nothing at all! – to happen. I know how that man feels in the play, “The dog it was that died …” – when he goes through a whole life of spying and counter-spying and then at the end nothing at all has changed, so he needn’t have bothered in the first place. It’s a comedy …

Ooh, but to cheer me up entirely, the lovely Val of Obsidian Bookshelf has added a review of A Dangerous Man to the Amazon entry. Thanks, Val – much appreciated!

Tonight, I’m out taking minutes for Goldenford, which will be okay as long as I don’t have to contribute anything remotely intellectual. I am so not up for that! But before setting off, I've done the final edits for Maloney's Law and sent them back to the editor post-haste. The next stage is the line editor, I think, who is a different person. It's all very exciting for sure!

Today’s nice things:

1. Lunchtime walk
2. Kitchen clock moments
3. An Amazon review!

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Cathy said...

Anne, you do realise you can poison yourself with too many herbal remedies...?!


Anne Brooke said...

No doubt - but at least I'll be calm!