Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Writing and eating

Hey, my two favourite things. Well two of my favourite things anyway. And sound the trumpets but I’m having a good day today. Hurrah! I managed to get the first draft of the Nursery Group minutes done and the Acting Chair is happy with it. Actually, he said he was more than happy – he went so far as to say they were excellent. Ye gods! It’s not often the Head of HR says that to anyone, believe me. Naturally I took the opportunity to ask if now was a good time to enquire after a pay rise – to which he replied that I’d be more than welcome to do so, but to bear in mind that HR knew at least 100 ways of saying no. Ah well, that’s me told then. But hey, it was classy. I might well use that line later …

And, double hurrah, my new keyboard has finally been delivered, so I can now actually type things without the keyboard talking back at me and putting spurious letters in – usually b or k or #. It got to the point where the only one in the office which worked was Carol’s old clackety keyboard so I’ve been using that (Carol’s been away, in case you think I truly am the office bitch …) and irritating the hell out of everyone with my noise levels – my job involves more typing than Carol’s does, you see (in case you think Carol is lazy, which she isn’t – poor Carol …). Though actually I do usually irritate the hell out of everyone with my noise levels, keyboard or no keyboard. Anyway, my lovely sleek black typing machine is here and I love it. So soft and classy – ooo-err, missus.

Oh, and tomorrow’s meeting has been cancelled, so the minutes crisis is easing, here in the shires. Sound those trumpets again indeed. Took the Writers’ Group at lunchtime and really enjoyed that too (ye gods, what is wrong with me? Is it something Lord H has put in my tea??). We had a lot of new people due to Jo’s clever advertising, and had some great manuscripts to look at. And I think they got something out of the very brief writing game I gave them too. At least, some of them have asked when the next meeting is, so that can’t be bad. I was mean though and asked them to write something on “obsession” for homework. Hmm, that should be interesting.

Tonight, Jane, Ang & I are out at Prezzo’s in Godalming for dinner and catch-up. And Jane’s mother is coming too, so that will be great – haven’t seen her for ages. I’ve already been super-sad and looked at the online menu – I’m leaning towards the risotto. As you do.

Today’s nice things:

1. Writers’ Group
2. My new keyboard
3. Dinner with the gals.

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Nik Perring said...

Three cheers for new keyboardage!


Anne Brooke said...

Hip hip hurrah! Thanks, m'dear!