Sunday, January 20, 2008

A mysterious dearth of birds and the joys of Chapter Eight

Bloody hell, that's a long title. Still, you should never be afraid of a long title - it shows commitment and pizzazz, ho ho. Today Lord H and I have been to Frensham Common and walked round the Great Pond. We also attempted to walk round the Little Pond but frankly, m'dears, we were totally exhausted by then and just came home. Well, it's ruddy difficult walking on sand in Wellington boots. Not many birds either - a shed-load of ducks, coots & moorhens, with one or two tits (as it were) and a grebe. A tad disappointing then but it's still nice to be out.

Back home, Lord H cooked a fabulous lunch to which I contributed by eating it. And then tearing the remainder of the chicken limb from limb so we have enough for tomorrow too. The latter is definitely my job, as a country girl. I don't mind as long as the damn thing's dead. Otherwise, I really can't abide the squawking.

I've been doing a spot of editing too and am now definitely on Chapter Eight, hurrah! Ye gods, by the time I've finished, the damn thing's going to be longer than War and Peace. Gayer too. Only one sex scene though and that in flashback - well you can't get much in real time if you're fleeing over mountains being pursued by a madman. There really isn't the opportunity.

Talking of madness, Lord H and I have succumbed and have been participating in the online Torchwood mission game. Sad, I know, but utterly addictive! Thanks to concerted teamwork and Lord H's handy knowledge of how to move the virtual CCTV cameras in Cardiff, we have solved Part One of the mission and Ianto is pleased with us. Hurrah! Does that mean we can be kissed by Captain Jack? Hmm, Lord H not so keen at that point, but is happy to do the honours with Toshiko. She's just his type ... Anyway, we now await our next mission as the new Torchwood operatives and have indeed started to hold our torches in that distinctively peculiar Torchwood way. Does anyone know why they do that?? It's the worst possible way to hold a torch and, believe me, Lord H and I have tested it.

Ooh, and I've just finished reading Helen Farish's poetry collection, Intimates. Very enjoyable indeed, and some wonderful pieces about her father, religion and the things we leave behind. Food for thought in more ways than one. I can definitely recommend it.

Tonight, I shall be glued to "Lark Rise to Candleford", if only to see what the glorious Julia Sawalha can get up to next, and then I am attempting an early night. Well, we have to be fresh for our next mission, you know ...

This week's haiku:

I climb the same hill.
Now the colours are deeper:
purple, green and gold.

Today's nice things:

1. Lunch
2. Torchwood games
3. TV.

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Casdok said...

Oh i love Tourchwood! Am going to have a look at the site! Cheers!! :)

Anne Brooke said...

Oh do - it's fab!! You can even see last week's episode if you missed it - until next Wed I think



Lexi said...

I gave up on Torchwood long ago, when I noticed this top secret bunch drove around in a four-wheel-drive with TORCHWOOD on the side.

There's tosh, and then there's arrant tosh.

Anne Brooke said...

Ah, m'dear, it's part of their charm, tee hee!