Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thorns, doctors and hot totty barmen

A double Thorn in the Flesh delight today! First of all, I popped into Godalming Museum where the launch will be held at the end of February, and met the utterly delightful Diane, who helped me plan the evening, fill out the form and generally mopped my fevered brow. Which needed a fair amount of mopping, I can tell you, after yesterday's traumas. Anyway, it's all sorted and all I have to do is turn up and bring some books to sell. Or as near as anyway.

Talking of which, the proof copy of Thorn has arrived from the printer - hurrah! - and I have picked it up from Goldenford and checked it. I think it looks fab, so Jackie has ordered 100 copies, plus copies of other Goldenford books we need to restock, and with any luck they'll actually be here for the launch. God willing!

Naturally enough, I can't bear to be parted from my precious proof copy and am taking it everywhere I go. This proved to be a blessing at the Surrey Park Clinic as I appear to have made at least one pre-sale - as both the nurse and the doctor were keen to buy and took (ye gods, how quasi-professional I sound!) my card - and we talked generally about writing and books etc for ages. So that was a thrill, the glow from which will no doubt see me through another week of University anxiety ... We did talk about health too though, so the invoice will be worth paying when it comes. The doctor's pleased with my progress so far, and even thinks I might not have to go onto the next step of HRT, as long as we keep a careful eye on what's happening and I come back for regular check-ups. If things do go terribly wrong, we can send in the Progestogen (or whatever it's called!) cavalry and wait for them to do their work. After which the oestrogen gel can come back and clear up the bodies. Hmm, it's funny how medical matters make so much more sense if I dramatise them.

After that, it was a girly lunch with Robin, which was wonderful. We talked for ages, and the barman at the White Hart was seriously hot. With a voice like honey over a rock. Honestly, m'dears, I swear we were both swooning. I came over all giggly at one point when he was handing me my napkin. Lord, the social embarrassment ... Giggling isn't really seemly in a woman of 43. Do you think it's my hormones? Maybe I need the Progestogen cavalry now??

Back home, I have tacked Chapter Four of The Gifting edit and am ready to add in another new character section before Chapter Five. I think it's about time we had a quick fix of Annyeke again, Gawd bless her. I might do some more tonight too, as there's sod all on TV.

Ooh, and I must say that I thought "The Palace" last night was utterly fabulous! I was hooked and am already in love with King Richard IV. Honestly, the Hot Totty quota on TV this week is beyond a girl's wildest dreams. More please.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting the proof copy of Thorn
2. Lunch with Robin (and hot barmen!)
3. Totty TV.

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