Friday, January 18, 2008

Gifting, visiting and a locked door

I attempted to power my way through more edits to The Gifting today and am indeed on Page 100 (of c440) - hurrah! - but still on ruddy Chapter 7 - groan ... Why are my chapters so long?? Can I not find the page break on my keyboard? I don't know, the plot thickens, m'dears. As indeed it does for the book - I can't imagine what Isabella is up to now, but I think it is definitely No Good. Or at least no good for poor Simon. Poor lad - such an innocent. Mind you, her brother's not much better either. Sigh. I now feel that all my balls (as it were) are fairly high in the air and Lord alone knows what havoc they will create when they land.

Anyway, enough writerly moaning already. I've also been out (out? There's a world beyond Anne's keyboard?? Good God, Carruthers, who would have thought it?...) visiting my sick friend at home, with Ruth from work. Said friend is now both up and dressed, so double hurrahs for that! We all had a great chat - and it was certainly much easier than yesterday's visitation.

On the way back, I popped into Godalming, determined to take Jackie's advice on how to be nice and civilised to briefcase shops who don't open on time and who therefore can't sell me the briefcase I so desperately need. This time, I played it clever, turning up at 2.30pm instead of 9.30am. Hah! They'll have to be in and open for custom then, surely, I thought ... Alas no. I trotted up to the shop, saw the lights were on and the baskets lined up outside (as is their wont) and attempted to push open the door. It was locked. Bloody hell, are the buggers avoiding me deliberately? I even pressed my nose to the window to see if anything was happening inside. It wasn't, in spite of the lights being on. Perhaps they were hiding behind the counter and waiting for me to go? Frankly, I feel my supply of social goodwill is now utterly drained and if they can't be bothered to be open even at 2.30pm, then I'll buy a bloody briefcase in Guildford. Ten percent discount or no ten percent discount! Harrumph.

Had a lovely chat with Juli of Mighty Erudite who has lots of exciting projects coming up, plus some work for me to edit. Which I should have time for, now that two of my major January editing projects are done. It might also be interesting to mix & match with my own editing - rather than getting too mired down in one. I'll have a look at it next week anyway, by which time the first quarter of The Gifting should be edited. Heck, it might even be fun to do it that way. I am, at the very least, an expert in compartmentalisation. And, hey, it's a plan.

Tonight, it's pizza, garlic bread & ice cream night - hurrah! Sod all on TV though. I'll have to do the ruddy ironing. Dammit.

Today's nice things:

1. Editing
2. Visiting
3. Chatting to Juli.

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Lexi said...

1. Your juggling metaphor; one can tell you are a juggling virgin. The balls are not supposed to land. You catch and throw them unceasingly.

2. Why not order a briefcase online? If they do ever open the shop, you can walk up and down outside, clutching your new briefcase, and giving them meaning stares.

That'll show them.

Anne Brooke said...

Ah, Lexi - you haven't seen me juggle - my balls always land!! And I do love your evil briefcase revenge - classy!