Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mighty editing done and the new social division

Have finished editing The Canal for Mighty Erudite and sent the completed text back to Juli. I really loved it - so dark and such a powerful and strangely uplifting ending. Fab. I've always loved Wagstaff's stuff and this is a cracker.

I've also - shock! horror! - actually had to go into work today to help for an hour or so with the International Open Day. Groan. It was a bit of a pain - no, I lie, it was a huge pain! - having to go in on a Saturday, but at least it wasn't for too long. We didn't have a great deal of enquiries either, but it is the first time the University has held an open day with an international emphasis, so slackness of trade is only to be expected. Still, I'm not great at these meet & smile events, so I was glad to get out into the sun and be home again.

Where I've been reading the paper and discovering that the new social division is not between the rich and the poor, but between celebrities and the unknown. Well, I suppose we've realised that for a while - but now the Tax Office tells us that we can only fill out our tax returns online if we're not a celebrity as the security for unknowns isn't as important, then maybe it's becoming official. Hmm. Something is rotten in the State of Denmark, I fear. But, hey, at least I'll know when I've made it when Her Majesty's Government asks me to do returns by hard copy ... Paper is the new Badge of Fame.

Tonight, I'll be glued to "Primeval" for my weekly fix of dinosaurs and Saturday TV totty. Oh, and Lord H and I have completed the next part of our "Torchwood" mission, hurrah! Ianto isn't quite as impressed with the information we've dredged up this time, but he's going to do his best with it. No promises of snoggage yet, but then again he may simply be preparing the ground ...

I also suppose that Writers' Guilt (that well-known literary disease) means that I should be looking at the next part of The Gifting edit, but actually I think I'll have a break and read the papers instead. Hell, I deserve it. And my head is still full of The Canal. As it were.

Today's nice things:

1. Wagstaff's novel
2. Tax Office social stupidities
3. TV.

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