Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to school ...

Oh Lordy, but going back to work after a bank holiday is hell!! Absolute hell! Have felt really twitchy and low (not sure you can be twitchy and low - but you know what I mean ...) all day. And, in the run-up to the start of term next week, there's so much ruddy stuff to do. Groan.

Spent most of the morning saying as little as possible and attempting to recover my professional face from the wastepaper bin I must have left it in last week. Honestly, but the cleaners should know by now to leave it on my desk for the start of Monday. Or in this case Tuesday ... I have also been attempting to sort out a structure for our new-look web pages (so don't hold your breath, people), chase up the outstanding appointments for the upcoming Freshers' Week, and trying to persuade people to turn up to Steering Group this lunchtime. The latter was something of a failure really, as only half of those who usually come turned up. So my "heading them off at the pass" skills could obviously do with an update. Bugger. And get me a faster horse. Afterwards, we had so many sandwiches left over, we could have fed the 5,000 with them. Without the need for a miracle. And I'm not even mentioning the muffins. Well, you wouldn't, would you ...

So, this afternoon, I have been struggling with the minutes for the meeting, trying to look bright and breezy (ho ho), and chewing my way through acres of muffin. (Steady, people, steady ...). What joy, eh. Roll on retirement. As they say.

Tonight, Lord H is gathering provisions at the shops, and we will be attempting to book our October holiday. North Wales, if you're asking. God, but I hope it doesn't rain every day while we're there! And I think there are a couple of comedies on TV later on, so will be glued to them. With my requisite glass of whisky. Or should it be gin tonight? Hell, we'll see ...

Today's nice things:

1. Muffins
2. Getting to the end of the day without screaming and jumping out of a window
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

What a day Anne, them bankers have a lot to answer for!

It's not a faster horse you need, just a bigger whip!

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Too true! And am rushing to buy bigger whip now, tee hee!



Saph said...

My kids go back to school next tuesday, so will have to get back into the school run thing again. On the plus side that means more time for writing and blogging!

Anne Brooke said...

True, Mike - there's always a plus side!