Friday, August 10, 2007

Saving the universe ...

... with only a smile, a golf ball and a reasonable typing speed. But, Lordy Lordy, what a hell of a lot I've done or experienced(!) today. I've:

1. Finished (just now) the editing of The Gifting and sent it off by email to John Jarrold for his (possible) delectation. And, hell, but I don't think it's as crap as everyone makes it out to be. Bollocks to the critics, I say.

2. Played (extremely bad) golf with a merry laugh and a bright smile. I hope to God my next game (tomorrow) is a damn sight better though.

3. Shopped in Godalming, an outing which included buying bread and butter for tomorrow's golf lunch, lightbulbs (we are living in semi-darkness at the moment), the local paper (which has a 5 page spread of the Foot & Mouth crisis, together with an advert for a local country fair ... hmm, I think not, people), the Radio Times (don't bother - there's sod all on), herbal teas and a prescription update for my essential nasal spray (breathe, woman, breathe!). Amongst other things. I also booked a table for a gals' night out meal on Monday for approximately the right time - hurrah!

4. Visited Gladys - who was very low, and therefore glad for my loud voice and bad jokes. It takes her out of herself, you know. And at least, with me around, she doesn't need her hearing aid quite so much. Good to know my vocal foghorn comes in handy at times.

5. Heard from agent (see above) who tells me that the contract from PD Publishing has arrived - hurrah! - and he is sending it on to me for signing.

6. Heard (again) from agent, telling me that Hodder have rejected Thorn in the Flesh as they say the writing is not rich enough and there's too much padding. To steal someone else's line: please pass me the pitchfork and I shall stab myself here and now. And there was I thinking I was doing subtle, sparse and modern, Ah bollocks to it, eh.

7. Offered Thorn to Flame Books, who emailed back immediately to say that they weren't doing more crime for a while. Ah, I think they're slowly washing their hands of me, you know. I am very old news of course, in publishing terms (if you don't sell well within a month of publication these day, you are yesterday's girl, you know). But, surprisingly, I find myself quite pleased about this, and so I have ...

8. Asked Jennifer & the gang at Goldenford Publishers if they want to take it instead. After all, it's set in Godalming, so at least has local colour in it, plus the July 2006 London bombings. Here's hoping, anyway.

9. Done the cleaning.

10. Cooked pizza and garlic bread for dinner (eating? You think I have time??)

11. Solved world poverty.

12. Fed the hungry.

13. Healed the sick.

14. And raised the dead.

Sorry I haven't yet solved the Foot & Mouth, or Legionnaire's crises we're currently having around here, but heck I've been busy! Oh, and I've been shortlisted in the Writers' News retirement poem competition as well - just forgot to slide that one into the list!

Today's nice things:

1. Finishing the rewrite
2. Golf
3. The poetry shortlisting.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

Good grief Anne, you miracle worker you. Godalming was on Gardeners World tonight. I looked for you but couldn't see you!

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Sorry, Sue - I was busy feeding the hungry then, I think!!



Jackie Luben said...

You win some, you lose some, Anne. Congrats on the WN shortlisting. I hadn't spotted it.


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie! Actually I feel quite relieved about the "losses" - I'll never be a "mainstream" girl, no matter what. And if Goldenford want it, I'll be much happier with them!