Saturday, August 25, 2007

Local infamy but the show goes on

Shock! Horror! The Surrey Advertiser has actually printed my letter extolling the virtues of the two girls who stole the Farncombe cardboard policemen (as per a previous blog) - and has even (for once) spelled my name right! Goodness me - a little local fame at last. Though, I expect the boys in blue will be knocking on my door any day now and Her Majesty may have the pleasure of my company for some time ... (you heard it here first). However, Lord H says I may yet escape a jail sentence either by pretending I've never heard of Anne Brooke (which should be fairly easy actually) or by pretending to be cardboard. I think I might well go for the second of the two options. Till then I'd best lie low and practise looking innocent ...

Still feeling cold-ridden today, sadly, even though I am taking so many pills that I'm sure I can hear the sound of rattling when I walk. So, I have (as ever!) taken advice from Sue and sent Lord H to the shops today for essential provisions. Which he has, more or less, managed to do - what a hero! That said, essential Husband Points have been lost as I had to change three (three!) toner cartridges on the printer all at the same time yesterday, and this morning I had to open a new fruit juice carton by myself. Honestly! Isn't this sort of technical operation exactly what husbands are for?? (Lady S-I-L-T-B take note!). Ah well.

This afternoon, I am dousing myself with more get-well pills and we're off to Glyndebourne for the first jaunt of the weekend to see "The Turn of the Screw". As interpreted by Britten. A nasty, poisonous little tale, as they say ... Just my thing then. And I loved it when I saw it before, so I hope they don't change much this time. Taking advantage of the hoped-for good weather (ha!), we've ordered a picnic and servants (ho ho) to transport it for us, so we don't have to rush around packing wildly beforehand. Thank goodness.

Oh, and I've done some more to The Bones of Summer - getting into real crisis mode now. Poor Craig. I'm at 18,500 words, and hope to get to 20,000 by the end of next week. All things being equal.

Today's nice things:

1. Seeing my name in the Surrey Ad - Lordy, but I'm such a sad git (but a happy one)!
2. Writing
3. Glyndebourne.

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