Monday, August 13, 2007

Post-opera and a meal out

Yesterday’s opera was fantastic – La Cenerentola at Glyndebourne. The production was great – a hot conductor and a super-hot baritone (two, really – though one was funnier) for Ruth and me, and girly eye-candy for the boys – so what more could one want? We had great fun at the picnic too – our table seemed to be on a slope and every time someone jogged it, all the glasses would fall down. And as I was the one on the lower slope, I have now been christened with champagne and Pimm’s. And a splodge or two of cream as well. Thank goodness that these M&S dresses are so washable – and don’t show the stains. Ruth too managed to get champagne on her hair, but it actually made it more the style she was after so she reckons she might use the same method again. Assuming one can afford it of course …

Anyway, this morning, we have made a minimal start on the washing-up prior to work, but I’ll have to do a job-lot of it this evening. A shame too that we broke one of our champagne glasses – will have to try and replace it at some stage (see below!).

At work, I struggled with the temporary smaller car park the University has just designated – as they’re redoing the other one. Actually parking wasn’t the problem – it was just finding the pedestrian exit afterwards. I ended up pushing my way through a hedge to get to the road – with other, equally confused people following me. Hmm, I may have started a trend and I suspect that hedge ain’t long for this world, missus …

Here at my desk, I’m also struggling on with typing up the Nursery Management Group minutes, and failing to understand what I meant when I wrote them originally. No change there then. Oh and Ruth has kindly donated a marrow from her garden to the Poor of Godalming, so we will be super-healthy all week – thanks, Ruth!

I popped into Guildford at lunchtime to get some essentials (as you do) and also to look for a replacement champagne glass – see above (my, how I love the high life …). Unfortunately Debenhams don’t seem to do Villeroy & Boch any more, so I had to battle my way through the scary House of Fraser hugeness. Equally unfortunately, the V&B woman wasn’t there so couldn’t tell me if “Roma” glasses are still available – so I had to leave a message. However, later she very sweetly rang to tell me they don’t stock them any more, and not even Luxembourg has any. Ah well, nice of her to try. I shall have to go in again later in the week and see if I can start another set. Still, the exercise is doing me good! Bizarrely, I also bumped into Ruth’s husband, Douglas, in town – so expect those vicious rumours to start any day now … It seems he’s coming down with something nasty, poor chap, so here’s hoping we don’t all get it here too. The Curse of Glyndebourne runs deep, you know …

Oh, and here’s a poem. It’s one of those days indeed (is it just me??):


Nothing's happening
very slowly indeed;

the day clings to my legs
like treacle

or a difficult cat.
I think I will never

unhook it from the morning
and persuade it

to head just a little faster
towards night.

Tonight, Jane H, Ang and I are out for dinner and a local girly catch-up in Godalming at Prezzo’s which looks very smart, I must say. Jane is kindly picking me up so I can drink (hurrah! – thanks, Jane!), which is extra nice as last night I was the Glyndebourne driver.

Today’s nice things:

1. Writing a poem
2. Marrows
3. Dinner out with the local gals.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

Are you sure the table was on a slant?

Isn't it annoying when you can't get what you want? I also find I really get into a product and they just stop doing it - why?

Hope you had a good evening with your friends.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Hmm, maybe it was me, Sue!!

Yes, it's a mystery - I am the curse of products; every time I like something, they trash it ...

A great evening, thanks, hic!