Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mobiles and mindfulness

Really enjoying my new mobile – I’ve worked out how to turn it on and off now, and have a nice picture of some stones and sand to calm me down when it turns on. Mind you, both Lord H and I found trouble working out where the navigation button was. You would have thought that in a 46 page manual, someone would have thought to put a diagram of what this was and where you could find it on the phone, but no. Nothing. We got there in the end purely by a process of elimination. I really need another ring tone though – I don’t really like any of the choices, so have left it on default for now. Not sure what Lord H would think of the Star Trek theme tune (one of them!) … But don’t even mention the fact that the phone appears to be able to get to the web and send emails. Isn’t that what computers are for? Heck, I struggle with texting. I’m unlikely to need anything whizzier!

Talking of which, what is it about the mobile phone that brings out the rudery in everyone?? If I show anything I've just done or bought to people, they can usually find something nice to say about it (and I certainly do the same back), but I've showed my new phone to my work colleagues, all of whom feel it's carte blanche to be as rude as possible. They don't like the shape, the size, the colour or the weight, moan, moan, moan. And yawn, yawn on my part really ... Well, I'm sorry, but I'm perfectly happy with my slim, elegant black thing, thank you very much - and actually I think that, if you had any concept of social politesse, you should keep your bad opinions to yourself. F**k the lot of you is what I say!

At work, we’ve been sent information on the forthcoming “Mindfulness” course being run by the Counselling Centre which starts in October. I’m quite interested in doing this – it’s meant to reduce stress and increase energy levels (and, ye gods, how I need that, especially right now!), but they’re very keen that you attend all the sessions and go to the day workshop, and I’ll be on holiday for the first one and will have to juggle stuff for the workshop, so I don’t know how that will be viewed. Lordy, but I can feel my stress levels mounting already … In addition, you’re encouraged to do up to an hour’s meditation a day as homework – which I know will be very good and is actually something I used to do in the dim & distant days beyond recall, but goodness knows how I’d fit it in now. I also don’t know if I might in any case come under the “psychologically vulnerable” category (when they don’t advise you to do the course) what with the regular counselling sessions and having had a fairly bad time last year and the beginning of this. Heck, I’m really worried now! Maybe the best thing to do is fill in the form, have my chat with the course coordinator and see what she suggests. Apparently there might be another course taking place next year so maybe that one will be the wiser choice? We’ll see …

Oh, and Penny who used to work in Student Advice popped in and we had a brief catch-up on Switzerland, dogs and the joys of a life of leisure (cue deep and envious sigh …). And I’ve had my first English apple of the season. Sharp indeed but bliss.

Went for a walk round the lake at lunchtime and saw seven ducklings. More bliss. Just like spring all over again. My, what a country girl I am at heart. Ho ho. Or, as Andrea commented when I got back to the office, seven little spring rolls. Ah cruel woman …

Tonight, I’m hoping to start describing Craig’s father’s house, and what Craig finds there, in The Bones of Summer but I have to admit that this scene is still a complete mystery to me (as most things are, actually, in case you hadn’t already gathered that …) so I’ll just have to write the darn thing to find out what’s happening.

And there’s “Heroes” and “Will & Grace” on TV, hurrah! I’ll have to watch whilst ironing – again!

I've also just finished a poetry collection anthology called this little stretch of life. It was okay, all in all, but nothing to write home about. Though Karen Green rocks, and if she had a collection, I'd definitely buy it.

Ooh, and some good news on the poetry submission front - Phil Carradice (Gawd bless you, sir!) has accepted all three of the poems I sent him for publication in Roundyhouse magazine early next year. Hurrah indeed!

Today’s nice things:

1. My new mobile
2. The poetry acceptance
3. TV.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have a new toy and are a Star Trek fan.

I've always wanted one of those flip up communicators that Capt Kirk and Co had - actually I still do!

I would then get out it and use it instead of a mobile phone. That's if I wasn't taken away first mind you.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Sounds like a good plan to me, Sue - we'll probably be taken away together!



Cathy said...

Yes, why are people so competitive about mobiles?

As long as mine is small and lightweight, I'm happy. I only use it to call and text anyway!

Anne Brooke said...

I entirely agree, Cathy! And I rarely text (it's quicker to email/phone!!)