Saturday, August 11, 2007

Golf and a request for The Gifting

Good grief - miracles will never cease! I've just got back my Highly Commended certificate for The Gifting in the Annual Writers' Conference novel competition - and it includes a request from Piatkus Press for the first three chapters and synopsis. They apparently really liked Simon and the plot. The two things TLC hated then ... An interesting request indeed, and I didn't even think Piatkus did fantasy - let alone gay fantasy ...

So, having sent the rehashed MS to John Jarrold yesterday, I now have to follow it up today with a request for a partial to be sent out. Heck, at the very least it looks impressive. Plus I'll need to rejig my synopsis - which I've cunningly made look smaller by means of choosing a smaller font and using one-and-a-half linespacing instead of double. Deceit: thy name is woman. I'm getting Lord H to check it through to see if it makes sense in terms of the action, and then I'll send it to John later on. All things being equal.

And yes, I very much doubt Piatkus will take it, but hey I'd be an idjit not to try.

Golf with Marian and Siegi was fun, if hot. Some of our shots were spectacular - both good and bad - but that's the way the great game falls really. I didn't think we did too badly in the end.

Plus I've ordered a replacement mobile phone - which involved doing battle with O2 who refused to believe my workplace postcode (doesn't exist on their records apparently) to the extent that I gave up trying to persuade them that I do actually know where I work and told them to deliver to Lord H's work instead. It also amused me that the man I spoke to asked me to verify what the code on my account was, and when I told him I didn't have one, agreed that I was perfectly correct in saying that. Well, why bother asking me for something which doesn't exist then?? Sigh!...

This evening, I have done the extra poetry editing on Martin Burke's "Jerusalem" for Jools at Mighty Erudite Publishers and sent that off to her, so I hope it looks okay. Plus Lord H and I are attempting to make preparations for tomorrow's Glyndebourne visit. Best get my glad rags out then and pull that stomach in!

Oh, and I have made the decision to ask Authors Online to take my first novel, The Hit List, out of publication now, as it's ancient history, nobody's buying and, frankly, I have better things on the market to offer. It'll save the holding fee for this year then.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting the request from Piatkus
2. Ordering a new mobile phone
3. Golf.

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