Thursday, August 16, 2007

Counselling and some heavy editing

Up bright and early this morning to get some shopping done before my counselling appointment. Or as near bright and early as I can get. Managed to get all my shopping done by dint of whipping round town like a dervish on speed - including treating myself to some Molton Brown handcream (the same gorgeous one they use in the Glyndebourne loos so I can remind myself of summer and song all year round) and buying a new handbag. Which is unfortunately rather smaller than my old one, so I have had to do some jigging around with it. But at least it looks snazzy and less jaded. Wish the same could be said for me really.

Enjoyed the counselling today - apparently it's my 25th session with Kunu, so if I'd known I would have bought a pressie! - and I think the feeling the two of us have is that we'll carry on for a while till the end of the year and then see how we feel then. We do both also feel that things are improving, so that's good news for sure. Today, we discussed how I shouldn't try to deny the parts of me which are driven and super-competitive (hmm, that'll be most of me then ...), as I just need to harness them properly and balance things out with my attempts to do the relaxing/enjoyment thing. Without thinking either state of relaxed or driven is of itself "good" or "bad", but instead seeing both as necessary. Food for thought there indeed ...

I've spent most of the rest of the day going through the latest round of editing for Mighty Erudite Publishers and getting my thoughts back to them. It's been a lot more complex than it was for the earlier two collections I've done, I have to say - partly because a lot more input was needed - but I'll have to see what Juli thinks of it now. I'm also feeling chuffed as she has kindly added information on my efforts as poetry advisor onto the Mighty Erudite website, which can be found here. Thanks, Jools - make me sound almost important! Ooh, and I've also sent off my first advisor invoice - which sounds even scarier, ho ho!

Later this afternoon, I also popped in to visit Gladys - who is much brighter this week, though still getting tired. And remembering less, I fear. Still, it comes to us all, I suppose.

Tonight, I'm planning to watch "Mock the Week" and "My Name is Earl" whilst (yes, you've guessed it!) doing the ironing. Ye gods, will it never end??

Today's nice things:

1. Counselling
2. Shopping for me
3. Being a part of Mighty Erudite!

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