Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Editing Queen

Have edited for Britain today. If this were an Olympic sport, I'd definitely go for gold. Have now gone through the whole of Thorn in the Flesh, and sent the repolished article off to John. Who is still in negotiation with PD Publishing about Maloney's Law. So many of my crossable extremities are crossed, that walking is becoming well nigh impossible, you know. A writer's life, eh ...

Due to all this uncustomary excitement, I missed the first of the Diocesan summer schools this morning, but to be honest I'm not that worried about it. There wasn't any counselling today either, as Kunu is busy and can't see me till next week. Actually a whole day in the flat has proved incredibly grounding. I can understand what hermits see in the lifestyle. And I've been able to have an utterly delicious afternoon nap - something that has been missing from my action-packed schedules for way too long.

I have also bravely killed a spider in the kitchen by dint of spraying it with half a ton of fly spray until it was literally on its last leg, and then gathering it up in a few large slices of kitchen towel whilst screaming, before putting it in the bin and spraying another few tons of fly spray after it for good measure. Goodness me, what a very long sentence, but I had to do the act all of a piece or I would have lost courage entirely. My daily supply of courage is, after all, exceptionally small.

This evening, I might well send off a poetry submission (even though I know I said I'd be going easy on these) as Phil Carradice, the poetry tutor at the Writers' Conference did seem keen that we should all send him something. So it would be silly not to. That's my excuse anyway.

I'm also intending to chill, watch last night's video of "Will and Grace" and generally not do a great deal. Though I may well have a beer. Bloody hell, I deserve it.

Oh, and there's more satisfactory news about Mother - who doesn't have to have any pre-operation treatment (hurrah!) and is going into hospital on 16 July for a week to ten days. Here's hoping she doesn't have to have any post-operation treatment done either. In the meantime, I'll have to stock up on my supply of grapes and rude novels to keep her mind off the cute young doctors, and get my visiting head on. Mind you, the shock of seeing me more than once in a three month period (never say this family is not regular ...) might well send her entirely over the edge. Sigh!

Today's nice things:

1. Finishing the Thorn edit
2. Dispensing death to the arachnid
3. Having an evening in - hurrah!

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Nik Perring said...

I'm crossing all for you too, Anne!


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Nik!