Monday, July 23, 2007

Coffee, reflexology and shopping

Slight case of Monday Morning Syndrome today, groan. Probably made worse by the need to drown a spider in the bath before I could start my day. Double groan. At work, I kept staring bleakly at people attempting to engage me in meaningful conversation and feeling hopeless. Don’t think the continued rain and general overcast weather is helping much either. Had loads of emails about meetings to sort out when I finally managed to open my inbox without screaming too – which was scary, but I think I’ve dealt with them all now. A process which involved arranging a variety of meetings up until June 2008 (never say we in the University are not prepared for the year …), so at least I looked fairly efficient in the midst of my existential gloom. Ho ho.

However, as there are only three of us in the office today, we all decided we needed to get out before we went stir-crazy, so we popped out for coffee on campus at 10.30. Ye gods, but it was nice to get out and chat. Made me almost feel normal again. I had a decaff cappuccino – I’m hyper enough without a caffeine fix, don’t you know …

Ooh, and some writing news – Jools from Writewords has just set up a new online publisher – Mighty Erudite – so please do look it up and see if you’re able to submit anything – she’s a really lovely person, so I’m sure it will be well worth it.

I’ve written a piece of flash fiction for the Writewords Flash Fiction II challenge – the theme is in the title:

Sympathy for the Devil

It ain’t easy having a forked tail and horns, you know. Nobody ever thinks of that, but it’s true. Well, even I have to admit it was much easier in the Middle Ages, when everyone believed me and found my appearance shocking. So shocking that I’d sometimes lose them altogether to Him Upstairs (May He Never Be Named). He always was a bit of a trickster, that one. Never trust anyone with a halo and relationship issues is my advice. For what it’s worth.

Anyway, the way I look is a bit of a problem these days. I have to make sure my trousers are pretty roomy at the back so I can curl my tail round without stabbing myself. No, don’t laugh. You try explaining it at A&E – last time I was there I had to evaporate the two nurses who saw to me with a blast of my special hot breath as otherwise the game might have been up. I think they’re still listed as missing, poor dears …

And, as for the horns, I do the best I can with a rather Boris hairstyle (another one of mine, you know – I’m so proud; London has much excitement in store once he’s mayor) and a demon barber. But on the couple of occasions that my cover’s been blown (if I may use that phrase), the – err-hem – woman in questioned has always just laughed. Women are the devil, eh! Or they were immediately afterwards. Think they both quite like their new roles in hell too – then again, anything’s better than the Eastern bloc countries.

So there you have it. A valid reason for not judging by appearances – after all, you may never know (and, believe me, you won’t – not till it’s too late) when you’re entertaining devils unawares. And yes, before you ask, He Who May Never Be Named did plagiarise me for that one. After all, I get all the good lines, don’t I?

Had a much-needed reflexology session at lunchtime – honestly, I’m not sure I could get by without them, you know! It made me feel energised. Almost. Post-work, I’ve struggled round Tesco to do the shopping. Never say my life is not one rollercoaster round of excitement … And tonight, I’m torn between doing a bit of writing and slobbing in front of the TV. Thank goodness I don’t have to go out though – that would have been way too much for a Monday!

Today’s nice things:

1. Mid-morning coffee
2. Reflexology
3. A little bit of writing.

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