Monday, July 30, 2007

The Web Queen and reflexology

I must say that, even though Daniel Craig is seriously hot, I didn’t really think much of “Casino Royale”, which we watched on DVD last night. Way too many action scenes, not enough humour or lightness of touch, too long a card game and far too confusing at the end. Sorry, but really I still prefer Roger Moore. Hush my mouth indeed …

This morning, I discovered that a grasshopper had attached itself to my green bag - yes, sad git that I am, I have to take a briefcase (for my pill supply - you never know when you might need a pill or two), a green bag (for my sandwiches & water) and a handbag (for everything else) to work with me, or my whole life falls apart. Anyway, it was fun persuading it off the bag and back into its real-life environment. Thank the Lord I discovered it before I got in the car - if it had launched itself at me while I was driving, goodness only knows what might have happened ...

Hugely busy today sorting out emails from last week and also doing loads of additions & changes to the Health Centre website - one of my favourite jobs, so do have a look and see what you think. But bear in mind it’s definitely a work in progress. As ever!

Thank goodness for my hour of calm and inner rejuvenation at my lunchtime reflexology session. Honestly, my feet still feel tingly. It’s bliss. Mind you, by the time I’d crawled my way round, through and over the amount of obstacles the builders put in my path to Nirvana, I definitely needed the slot. And I swear that they’d changed the set-up again during the hour I was having my feet rubbed, as I definitely came back via a different route. Much like the Magi really – though I suspect they didn’t have the reflexology extra. And I certainly don’t have a camel.

And I have finally posted my article to Mslexia so at least that's out of the house. For a couple of days anyway. Sigh!

I have also been terribly brave (pass the smelling salts, someone …) and sent out possible meeting dates to two sets of friends. Which makes me feel like I might actually be slowly dragging myself back to the land of relative normality post my troublesome depressive phase. We’ll see anyway. And I think that’s all I’ll attempt to plan on the social front for this week, even though there are one or two other sets of people wanting to meet up. One step at a time, eh – I really don’t want to get too twitchy and stressed again. After all, my next serious breakdown-time isn’t due till my 60s, ho ho.

Ooh, and there are chocolate biscuits left in the office from last week – double hurrah! – so I am cheering myself with those. Where on earth would we be without chocolate? Lordy, but the thought of that is too terrible to contemplate …

Tonight, Lord H is doing the shopping, and I’m hoping to do some more to The Bones of Summer, plus generally slobbing. We’ll see.

Today’s nice things:

1. Working on the website
2. Reflexology
3. An evening in.

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