Saturday, July 28, 2007

Writing and a trip to Maidstone

Ooh dear me, it was a bit of a struggle with the writing on The Bones of Summer this morning. I think I must have moved Craig on only from the doorstep into Paul's car and onto the motorway (they're heading to Devon, but it ain't going to be a holiday, rest assured!), and that took me about two hours. For me, not them ... Sigh. So I now have about 12,000 words in total. I think I might put a scary scene in soon, then maybe another sex scene later. That'll cheer them both up. And if it doesn't, well it'll cheer me up, and hell I count too, don't I?!

The rest of the day was spent driving to Maidstone (well, Aylesford actually, but fewer people are likely to know where that is - um, it's near Maidstone) to see Pauline and catch up over lunch. Which we duly did. She'll be taking her first head teacher job in September so at last I know someone who's turned out to be a Pillar of the Community, aha! After all these years of waiting ... Which will at least make my teachers proud - as I was apparently judged to be the pupil most likely to join the Townswomen's Guild and Do Good Works (my my, how different things were then and what a shock those same teachers would have now, eh ...), and I feel I've never really fulfilled that aim. At least now I can fulfil it by proxy.

While I've been doing girly stuff (oh no, surely not!! Not very me at all really ...), Lord H has spent the day bird-watching in Camberley. So, once he gets back, I'm sure I shall be treated to a list of birds he's seen which I have yet to see - which makes me way behind in the Wife Bird-Watching Stakes, but then again there's no surprises there. Not that marriage is in any way competitive, of course ...! Hell, it's just me. Though Pauline and I did see a heron flying over us while we were at her car, discussing poetry, religion and relationships (hmm, maybe not quite as girly as I'd thought then ...) - so that was breath-taking. The bird and the conversation both.

Tonight, there's absolutely sod all on TV - so we are obviously approaching the August TV slump zone when all the decent schedulers are away in the Bahamas looking at real life, and we at home have to suffer an endless diet of repeats and reality TV. Groan. Will have to get the DVDs out over the next month and see all the wonderful films we planned to watch one day, I feel.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting Craig and Paul onto the motorway (hurrah! - but will they ever reach Devon?)
2. Seeing a flying heron (so having a bird fact to tell Lord H later)
3. Chatting to Pauline (and proving that on occasion I can actually be a girl ...)

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