Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to work and reflexology

Surprisingly, being back at work wasn’t as scary as it usually is. Which made a nice change. Managed to make my weary way through all my outstanding emails by early afternoon, so that wasn’t bad. I almost felt like a real secretary, you know. And it seemed to be one of those days where we kept stopping for chats – about religion, Sunday shopping, holidays, weddings, etc etc. As you do.

All things being equal, and depending on whether a bed is available, Mother goes into hospital today. I hope they don’t let her down – as the waiting around can be just as soul-destroying too in these places. I really do hate hospitals! If she’s in tonight, then the op is scheduled for tomorrow, and at least then the process has begun.

Enjoyed my Reflexology session at lunchtime – it must be the first time I’ve actually felt relaxed before the session though. And without the help of a calming pill too. Miracles will never cease.

Tonight, it’s an evening in. Hurrah. I’ll try to do some more to my gay fiction & women article, as I really need to get that finished off sometime. Oh, and here’s a poem about shadows:


It’s the shadow side
which moulds us,
you say.
All that surface movement
and shifting light
nothing but a mask
that conceals
what we truly are.

Cannot a person
be both,
I reply.
The glitter of what is seen
fusing into
the darkness beneath
to form one perfect
imperfect whole.

You are silent then
but your mind
is full of sound; I laugh
but my heart
lies quieter now.

And there’s no news on any response to John's negotiations about Maloney’s Law with PD Publishing. Not that I was really convinced there’d be any! Ah well. Staying on that subject, I’m not expecting any response back from Hodder about Thorn in the Flesh either for at least another month. Holidays intervene, as ever.

Apart from that, I have to admit that it’s a day when nothing much has happened. Though probably, on looking back, it’s more than enough! Is it just me, or does anyone else get days like this?

Today’s nice things:

1. Reflexology
2. Writing
3. An evening in.

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