Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Diet Coke breaks and rainy days

Good news on the Mother front – the operation yesterday was apparently successful, though she wasn’t back on the ward yet when I rang in early evening. It did cross my mind that perhaps the ward were enjoying the unexpected peace and quiet(!), but far be it from me to voice such a thought … Anyway, I’ll ring again tonight and see how things are.

This morning, I flicked through Birdwatching magazine at breakfast (as you do) and found a quite interesting article on bullfinches. Sad, I know, that I actually just keyed in that sentence, but there you go. But they are sooo cute, and we’ve had a pair in the garden for the last two years, so I have a landlord-type interest in the matter.

At work, the builders have decided to throw lots of scaffolding around in front of the office and create another layer of walkways. I’m hoping this will mean a plethora of diet coke breaks, but I’m not convinced they’re really the types. It also means that our toilet options are being narrowed even further, so soon we will all be resorting to buckets and whistling. Just like the war years, you know … Heck, but it’s fun to watch the builders though – they all have very nice arms. No, don’t laugh – arms do matter. Lord H’s are of course the best!

I am also making further brave attempts to interest my colleagues in the concept of online appointment bookings, and have decided to do a flowchart to see if I can spark their interest more. Not that flowcharts have ever sparked anyone’s interest in anything since the dawn of time, but at least I can use pretty colours. A secretary’s world is a rollercoaster ride indeed. And it did mean that I could go and have coffee & chocolate biscuits at Student Advice, which included a lovely chat with Sally about the ups and downs of mothers, families and religion. So that cheered me up – thanks, Sally.

Went for another walk at lunchtime, though the rain means we’re all considering our autumn gear again. Well, let’s rephrase that - other people are considering their autumn gear, but I’ve never understood the concept of seasonal wardrobes. On those rare occasions that I actually find something that suits me, however remotely, I wear it until it’s virtually falling off and then discard it, weeping. Anyway, I took the lunchtime strolling opportunity to post my letter plus reviews of A Dangerous Man and Pink Champagne and Apple Juice to Jim at Gay’s the Word, so never let it be said that I don’t make the effort in the scary marketing field. And on the way back, it absolutely poured it down – it was loud under the brolly! – and the bottoms of my trousers, shoes and socks were soaked through. So I was reduced to attempting to get dry with a (clean) tea-towel, and warming my socks on the heater. Honestly, it gets more and more like a campsite here every day. Still, I did see a moorhen on top of another moorhen though, which was amusing. I don’t even think it was doing anything naughty – just using its mate as a stepping stone. Funny things, birds …

Tonight, I’m hoping to do some more to The Bones of Summer (does anyone remember that??). Ye gods but if I get to 10,000 words by the end of July at the rate I’m currently going, I’ll crack open the champers and have a party. Oh, and there’s the penultimate episode of “Rome” on TV, so I’ll be glued. Ah, the pain, the drama, the joy of it all.

Today’s nice things:

1. Mother’s seemingly successful op
2. Coloured flowcharts
3. Writing.

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Nik Perring said...

Bullfinches rock, Anne. It's official!

Nik XX

Anne Brooke said...

Hurrah, there's 2 of us then!



Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

So glad your mum's on the mend Anne :-)

We get Bird Watching magazine too.

Have you been watching Chris Packham's 'Nature's Calendar' on BBC 2 (it's on a bit early in the evening I know but it's a great wildlife show).

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue! And oooh no, haven't caught that one yet - will have to go on an early evening TV hunt!



Peter said...

Been a subscriber to Birdwatching mag now for a while... its good. Got better when they re-vamped the magazine a few months back.... catering for the less experianced birders amongst us..

Nik Perring said...

Looks like you've started a little birding group, Anne!

Meant to say also - good news about your mum.


Anne Brooke said...

Yes indeed, Peter & Nik! And thanks for the good wishes also.