Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Not a bad day today, actually - though I am getting very down about the lack of communication from Flame Books ( about "A Dangerous Man" and from my agent ( about anything at all. And that's after sending them notification of my brand new email address. It's all very depressing really.

Still, I had an absolutely wonderful reflexology session at lunchtime - I could feel myself relaxing by the moment, and I even fell asleep a couple of times. I really, really needed it - so I've booked myself a once-a-week reflexology date up until Christmas. Hell, that should get me through the scary season ...

Oh, and some nasty bastard has trashed my driver's side wing mirror - bastards - though the glass is still intact, so I shall have to sort that out sometime, and add it into my action-packed schedule. Damn it. Hope it doesn't cost too much - famous last words ...

This afternoon, I had to minute the first meeting of the new Student Affairs Committee at work - not as terrifying as I'd expected, but still a hard slog. I managed to start on writing it up before I went home though - which always makes me feel better.

And tonight, it's wonderfully crap tv, including the great "Torchwood", though I do have the ironing to do. Chances of doing any writing? - um, nil.

Today's nice things:

1. Reflexology

That's it, really.

Anne Brooke


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your wing mirror, Anne. I also had a bash to mine some time ago, and I could kick myself for not getting a new one when I agreed the new door. Same side too.

Happy to provide the number of Findapart.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie! I'm ringing my usual garage tomorrow - but will ring if they fail me!!