Friday, November 24, 2006

Lunch in Wokingham

A wild shopping trip around Godalming this morning - goodness me, the carpark is filling up earlier and earlier - even at 9am it was busy. The curse of Christmas, no doubt ... Back home, I finalised a poem about anger (write about what you know, eh?), and started another one about spaces. Never say my subject matter is too narrow.

Then it was a trip to Wokingham to meet a friend for lunch. Despite it being somewhere I've never been, I was actually less hyped-up than usual - maybe I'm just too tired at the end of the week to be anxious? - but it did strike me that Wokingham is a place with absolutely no obvious street name signs. Not easy for the unsuspecting traveller - they mustn't like the thought of strangers. Still, I did manage to find a car-park at last and get directions to Pizza Express from a friendly native. And lunch with Sarah was grand. She brought her youngest, David, which filled me with fear - but he's not a bad child, and I think we bonded sufficiently over his teddy bear and Sarah's rather chic pink handbag. I ate like a pig - so no surprises there then.

Have again skipped the weekly visit to Gladys - so the guilt is subtly mounting. I'll try to pop over tomorrow, in between bouts of cleaning, attempting (ha!) to write and preparing for Saturday dinner out. Honest!

And as for reading, well, I've just given up on Robert Finn's "Ex Machina". Load of self-obsessed tripe, to my mind. I got through the first 100 pages, and think it could wisely have been cut to about 10. I was still waiting for the story, dammit! Does no-one think of speaking to a sensible editor these days?? And I've also got to the end of Hamish Robinson's poetry collection, "The Gift Returned". Um. Wish I had returned it - the poetry was totally unmemorable, so I can't really give you any idea of what it was like, and frankly life's too short to attempt to read it again. In both cases, buy something else is my advice.

Tonight, it's rubbish TV and the "Strictly Come Dancing" update - hurrah!

Today's nice things:

1. Lunch with Sarah
2. Deciding to give up on the Finn book.

Anne Brooke

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